WINNING BIKE - Adrien Dailly's Lapierre Spicy 4

French for fast.

Adrien Dailly surprised a lot of people this weekend, not least himself. The young Frenchman rode a consistent race to overcome the tough conditions and a field full of world-class athletes to claim his first ever Enduro World Series race win. To deal with the rough and tumble trails of Tasmania, he made sure he brought enough bike - a Lapierre Spicy Team Edition with 170mm of travel in the rear and a full 180 up front. Shorter travel trail bikes may be all the rage these days when it comes to having fun, but if you want to win on Australia's EWS tracks you better make sure to bring your big guns. Listen in as Sven chats with the winner, and check out some of the details of his winning bike below. Congrats Adrien, vive la France!

RockShox Super Deluxe coil shock with a super light SAR (Stendec) steel spring, tuned by Nico Vouilloz himself.

SRAM Eagle 10-50t cassette, you can never have enough help on the uphills when you've got 57 kms and 1700 meters of climbing to bang out in one day.

180mm gnar-gobbler from RockShox.

Who knew Taz was French???

Michelin mud spikes were just what the doctor ordered today, cut for improved rolling resistance by the looks of it.


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