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Hello mountain bikers! Welcome to episode 2 of Vital MTB's The Inside Line. We are overwhelmed by reception and the kind words you all had for episode 1 with Eliot Jackson. We really appreciate the support and excitement for what we're doing.

We are excited to bring you episode 2. I sat down with Brian Lopes last week at The Pedaler's Fork restaurant, coffee shop and bike shop in Calabasas, CA, and we had a great discussion about some of his history, how he turned pro, the heyday of mountain biking, his move to Ellsworth bikes in 2017 and why it seems like some of you just love to hate him in the internet comments.

We currently have four other interviews with MTB athletes and industry personalities that are waiting to be broadcast, but I felt like my talk with Brian needed to be bumped to the front of the queue due to some time-specific topics.

Sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy. I learned a lot about Brian that I didn't know before and I hope you do too.

Every other Wednesday we will launch new episodes of The Inside Line. Please tune in while at work, on the trail or on the road. -spomer

Brian Lopes, ABA Grands, 1991. Photo by Brad McDonald

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  • mshuster

    3/8/2017 8:54 PM

    Killing it Spomer!!! These are awesome! I've listened to a couple and love them. Killer insight on Lopes!

  • bizutch

    1/29/2017 5:06 PM

    Dammit Spomer. You guys touched on the biggest hurdle Lopes ever had. He and Gracia were forced to ride the most dangerous, useless pieces of crap on earth at Cannondale and made mention on occasion like he felt his life and health were being put at risk being made to be a real life race destination dummy for total crap.

  • Alex1

    1/27/2017 12:10 PM

    Always interesting to hear about the insights of professional athletes.

  • depeche4

    1/26/2017 8:55 AM

    Great interview. One of the chillest guys I have ever met.

  • ripdogg1

    1/26/2017 8:43 AM

    So you're just 2 episodes in but it seems like you're going in a good direction. I'd like to see themes develop as well as the tackling of controversial issues within the industry. Also, I love to hear from pros (it'd be great to hear from women too) but I'd also like to hear from others such as photogs, builders, jr. racers, race organizers, team managers, journalists, etc. I feel like it would really help to keep things interesting and offer insights into so many different aspects of the MTB world.

  • sspomer

    1/26/2017 8:56 AM

    it's not just racers. i'll give away our future episode queue so you can all see where we're going. Episodes touch on a lot of what you're mentioning. These are already recorded and ready to rip - Stikman (Troy Lee), Bryson Martin Sr. (DVO), Duncan Riffle (SRAM), Jose Gonazalez (Trek R&D). I'm organizing future interviews as well with a variety of MTB personalities. we have such a rad group of people in our scene!

  • jeff.brines

    1/26/2017 8:59 AM

    psst...add DCamp to that list...

  • ripdogg1

    1/26/2017 9:16 AM

    Also, just to be clear, I'm super stoked you guys have taken this on and have really enjoyed the first two shows.

  • Eisma

    1/26/2017 8:42 PM

    Interviewing some photogs would be cool as well.

  • odin

    1/25/2017 10:23 PM

    Vital is killing it lately!
    good job guys.

  • Rushcentrale

    1/25/2017 10:15 PM

    Awesome interview! You really asked questions I wanted to know answers to and I was surprised actually. I have a new found respect for Lopes' legacy too.

  • app-uncture

    1/25/2017 7:01 PM

    again! nice work vital!

  • JMHV

    1/25/2017 5:51 PM


  • Eisma

    1/25/2017 5:30 PM

    These are awesome, keep them coming.

  • blast_off

    1/25/2017 4:38 PM

    so pumped for more of these!

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