Carlos Matutes, Executive Director of SWIMBA - The Inside Line Podcast 4

If we don't have trails, where will we ride? Carlos Matutes discusses his history and his role as Executive Director of the Southwestern Idaho Mountain Bike Association.

As a kid, Carlos Matutes found freedom on a bicycle thanks to a local BMX track in his Texas town. Since then, he has continued to immerse himself in all forms of cycling, from BMX, to mountain biking, to road racing and endurance events. At one point, he even rode a rigid, fixed-gear mountain bike on the trails.

Experience as a mechanic and working for a cycling parts distribution business has helped Carlos see all sides of our sport. He eventually found himself in Boise, Idaho, seeking life in the mountain west. His passion for bikes and making a difference in his community led him to the position of Executive Director of SWIMBA, Southwestern Idaho Mountain Bike Association. Carlos discusses what it means to be involved in your local trail advocacy group. It's not just about dig days or new trails, it's about a focused community and enrollment numbers that show local, regional and national governments that the mountain biking community is a force. He wants mountain biking to be accessible to people of all economic levels, not just those who can afford expensive bikes and long trips to faraway trails.

If you're not a member of your local MTB group, get involved. We want this episode to inspire you.

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