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i have a 888 ti evo and and it feels super soft and i cant male it any stiffer...i know it will need a rebiuld to be fixxed but any ideas what it might be.....thanks

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what is the first song?

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im takeing a roadtrip and were spending a few days in seatle and was woundering if there are some good places to ride?.... skateparks, dirtjump, downhill, or any thing fun to ride

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Thanks for your input i realy appreciate it!!

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if you look at those pictures both forks broke in about the same spot... so maybe there is a weak spot... howevere i ride the ti 888 and i have no fear of the snaping

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ya on the same thing there were also damage done to the bikes in the trucks... they dont know how much damage is done so easy to the bike.... things like derauiller ,hangers, rotors, and sraches..

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I was looking at the gt la bomba complete for a dirt jump and slolom bike.... I Would like some imput and opinions. thanks

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