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888 problem

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7/15/2011 10:22 PM

i have a 888 ti evo and and it feels super soft and i cant male it any stiffer...i know it will need a rebiuld to be fixxed but any ideas what it might be.....thanks


7/26/2011 10:02 AM

I wasn't going to reply as I've never been inside an 888, but since no one else seems to want to help... When you say "Super soft", does that mean the spring weight or the compression damping? Also, is it brand new or ridden for a while? If it's new, I'd say talk to the retailer to see if you can get a spring that is heavier than the stock one and if that doesn't help have them open it up to check the oil levels. Every fork manufacturer has had issues with assembly, and sometimes forks leave the factory either without enough oil, or a loose bolt has allowed leakage during shipping. If you have been riding it for a while and the problem is new, if your talking about the spring rate, it's possible that you've broken the spring. Stranger things have happened. If it's a used fork and the spring rate hasn't changed but the damping has, it's likely that your seals are blown and you simply need a rebuild. One last option is that you need to refresh your oil with that of a thicker viscosity. Marzocci forks are known, at least when I had an OG Z1 Bomber, for being tunable with oil weight. I hope that was some help.


7/26/2011 8:29 PM

I have the same fork and they do come soft from the factory. I'm gonna assume yours is stock since you didn't give any other info that you want to rebuild it. Plus listing your weight and type of riding here would help.

Anywho, I did two things that helped. I upgraded the stock spring to firm Ti and had Marzocchi double the oil in the spring side to help with bottom out performance.

For 2012 Marzocchi is upgrading the damper where you can adjust the low speed compression internally. That will help with any dive you may be experiencing dropping or rolling of rocks and such.

I am selling mine with the firm spring here if you know anyone wanting one ready to go.



9/20/2011 12:24 AM

My 2011 felt solid and plush right out the box but after a while and a few hard hits i noticed it was riping through its travel. I took it in and what had happened is some of the oil had passed by th e volume adjust making it ineffective and my fork way too soft. The shop used a syringe to suck the oil from above the adjuster and added 20cc's to the leg to make it more progressive and it rides great again. You should make sure you haven’t "Passed any oil" before making to many other costly modifications.