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cairns was interesting

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With the amount of Whiskey he passes around the pits I think the Scotish version suits him well.

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When Richie rude races his new Giro hybrid helmet at Ireland I'm sure that will solve this thread debate. A detachable jaw piece helmet that actually looks acceptable

Added a comment about news blog The Stage Is Set - 2016 UCI DH World Cup Teams Revealed 2/16/2016 10:59 AM

So does this mean Peat can race sans points? Or does he still have to apply for a British Cycling federation jersey. Pretty ridiculous that he would have to do so especially when you would think he would be a candidate for injury wildcard. He has a friggen rainbow jersey! I wonder if they will try put Scott GT and Giant behind the septic tanks a few kilometers away from the finish like they did with many teams in Lenzerheiden

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World Champ gets dropped for E-Bike investment. Lol. That's a very Specialized category.

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I would like to know how many actual class two or higher uci events there are in ANY country between now and let's say a month before the World Cup series starts. Class two gets the winner 30 points, then it rapidly drops off.
A current trend is for most countries national DH series to stop registering for UCI class 1/2 or 3 status because they don't want to or can't afford to pay the UCI sanction fee and mandated prize money required to receive classification.
Another problem for new talent deserving of World Cup placement is most often those few elusive points still on offer at the few races still offering them are snapped up by already qualified (30 points already) existing World Cup racers.
The biggest question that was not asked here is how does one go about obtaining these points for new up and comming racers, or racers that have been injured for a year and had old points expire ( Steve Peat)
Has anyone looked at the official uci calendar to check what races points are on offer for both this season and next season?

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Wow when did Cam get his Canadian passport? #freerideflicks

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Added a comment about feature Opinion: When Does Risk Outweigh the Reward? How Red Bull Rampage Changed Our Perspective 10/18/2015 11:18 PM

I agree with a lot being said here, but also have to consider the bigger picture. Any MTB event (EWS, Megavalache, Mt Hell) I've entered in Europe it is mandatory to have full health insurance covering DH MTB competition (the most expensive kind) in France you must also sometimes produce a current medical certificate clearing you for the event. No ifs or buts. So I dont think Red Bull need to have medical coverage for individuals. Liability insurance yes for any things that can go wrong that they have direct control over.
But what I do think is that they should be offering a minimum appearance fee. It is an invitational event after all. Let's say 1000-2000 minimum or some figure. From that riders can choose to pay for extra premium coverage event health insurance, gas food travel lodging for them and crews. They are the talent they are the show so I think this is fair over and above the prize money.
Maybe more power to riders to decide how they want things to be run, especially when weather changes move the whole program a day ahead vs a day later leaving 1 less day for perhaps needed practice before dropping into line in contest. That may have had more to do with many of the injuries than anything else. There are so many other things you could do I guess, saftey netting near cliffs to prevent riders falling further etc but where would it all end if you started doing that? But maybe that can be done? WC DH courses are made safer (not easier) trees rocks cliffs that riders could hit OFF THE COURSE are all taken into consideration and made safer.

Of cause it would be awesome if they had their best retainer specialist trauma and neck and back specialists on hand in St George hospital as a precaution over the course of the evebt but I'm sure it's not as simple as that.

I guess if everyone had more time and there was less rush to do two runs in short space of the live feed it would be safer. Surely a well produced 2 hour show a few days post evebt can pull viewer numbers allowing for jam style format. It would result in a better TV production multi angles wind and rain delays etc... And they still have the NBC broadcast later.

Like Zink said you go there first and foremost for yourself and ultimately you choose your line and what you are going to try do.

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Ok besides Spangler and Bender who are the other judges? Do they ride? Are they same judges for all FMB? Seems we should have MTB judges over snowboard judging. I don't see any surfers judging skate contests and visa versa. I understand it's tricky with politics friendships and sponsor and other affiliations conflicts but if each judges score was published with judges name then highs and lows thrown out we might see some accurate judging.
I understand it's still a tough predicament judging such an event like Rampage with all the variables lines and different rider approaches and styles and subjective interpretation of runs.
Actually I doubt controversy will cease with an all MTB judging line up, I guess maybe more riders will choose Fess series or video parts instead of judged interpretive events.

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I remember when Tony Hawk used to get judged against himself in vert contests. Despite doing the best run out of everyone (or if anyone else had done his run they would of won) he would loose points in judges eyes if they thought it wasn't the very best he could have done. Semenuk today probably in the same boat. A few other big question marks and discrepancies in scoring and results order, but that's judged events for you.
*another thought would be to isolate the judges from each other do the five judge thing where you throw out the high and low scores and average the other three thereby removing bias. Maybe they do this but it sure doesn't look or feel like they do!

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If it's true DH race then why is almost 100% of this track used in Andes Pacifico Enduro?

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Mega way longer

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Horizon alert

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If it was an EWS I'd agree Devon. Since its multistage point to point with some starts and finishes unmanned and really an adventure I think this system is fine. Shouldn't you be more concerned with actually getting timing correct as I have done some of your races and either never got a time or had to wait over 12 hours for a questionable one.

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thats because its a proper RAW i.e.. @steelcitymedia filmed

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It does not seem there is any DH series title? If there is, there does not seem to be any reward or incentive for teams only a bonus if someone wins all four DH events (including AirDH) so it seems nothing more than a bit of hype. Much the same for slope. ... more ยป