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Ping me a DM. I can help here if needed, ordered a couple of EXT shocks from the guys, and looking to order again in the next month or so.

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I dealt with the guys over the phone and on email. Super helpful bunch. Customer service, delivery and product all top notch. In fact, I will be on the waiting list for one of these new guys

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Hey guys Bought this beast before coming out to CO to shred trails for three weeks. Turns out though I'm on a XL Bronson the XL Nomad is just a little too long for me. I've ridden it three times, its MINT! Make me an

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@ Kooliner7 how is that rear shock?

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The pic of the guys in the van, rider to the left of Palmer looks like Mr Gwinn... #teamroumors

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I'm 186cm, not too sure on inseam. I could not have made the Large work as the seat tube would have been too short and had me right on the min insert limit on the LEV [which was the longest dropper I could find]

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Morewoodkid knows Patrick better than most. He worked at Morewood with Patrick, and his company distributed the brand in South Africa.

Yes, things may not have panned out as everyone had hoped. But it doesn't make the bikes any less awesome. Go look at my bike checks and you'll see that all 4 of my Morewoods are...more