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I have to admit I don't think anyone was expecting a main stream fashion label to get involved, but if this is real it is a BIG deal and we should be happy that mtb attracts outside sponsorship.

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These photos from the UNNO Facebook page add to the story.

Cesar absolutely shredding in Whistler while testing the UNNO DH bike. Shot by Boris:

An UNNO test rig that's been in use for two years:

I truly enjoyed getting to know a little slice of Cesar. Every time I...more

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Greg Callaghan Insta Greg Gallaghan signs with Red Bull

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fantastic video! almost hypnotic smile
Is this filmed around Reschenpass?

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I expect Daknorton to get some kind of a TREK deal, young up and coming American on a made in USA frame makes for good marketing. - Danny Hart to Saracen -> seems like this could happen - Fischbach to Cube -> if Cube keeps their current line up

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just want to say how much I appreciate this podcast series, fantastic work!
Especially getting to know what drives these mtb personalities from all different angles of the industry personally and how they got to be where they are now is super fascinating and creates amazing charactes surrounding the racing scene.

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