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Nailed it!

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Easier to manufacture, and nice a dumbed down for the masses so the average bike shop employee can understand it enough to explain it t the average consumer. It's all about selling, not riding.

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that is adult mt. biking status

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Honey Stinger dude is sweating like a hog, I tell you what!

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Ain't nothin' better than Gwin taking another win! USAFTW

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This is a story of a boy, a bike and a very fast local DH trail, set way back when the Earth was still cooling…..1998. While descending down this favorite/only DH trail of mine I went off a small roller jump that I have hit hundreds of times going approximately 50mph. When I went off the lip it kicked my rear end up faster than the rest of the bike causing my left foot to unclip from the pedal and my bike ended up in an impromptu table-top next to me. So while flying through the air I throw the bike away and it travels about three feet to the side and ends up just floating next to me like the copilot you would never want, all the while I’m doing a circle-flap with my arms trying to right myself from the cock-eyed position I’m in…..pretty much parallel to the ground. I “spot my landing” after traveling about 40-50’ through the air at an altitude of 8-10’ only to find that my elbow is going to spear a rock to my dismay. My elbow fights the rock, the rock fights back and wins (obviously a member of Fight Club). Like a surgeon with a medical degree from Dr. Nick’s alum it removes the flesh from my elbow to expose fluorescent white bone. After this preliminary love tap, my hip hits the ground compressing it to the side knocking the wind out of me and causes me to roll over onto my back so I can fully appreciate the redwoods while sliding down the trail headfirst. Now this is the moment in slow motion time that I see my bike sliding to catch up to me to run me over like a pissed off ex-wife. So without thinking I grab my bike by the top tube and throw it over me all while still sliding down the trail. After I come to a stop and catch my breath I stand up to find that my vision is blurry and I’m seeing double like a gravity induced acid trip. After all was said and done I had traveled approximately 200’ through the air and sliding on the ground. I get down the rest of the hill by a combination of limping and coasting and try to get some medical attention from a girl I know who lives at the bottom of the hill only to have her literally faint when she sees my exposed elbow bone… I just cracked a beer and sat on the porch. True story.

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Damn, that's one sexy looking frame imo.

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Hey bro, there's one that I know of Cow Mountain which is Ukiah and it has a few different trails. I am part of a FB group called "NorCal Gravity" and there's a bunch of people in your area that ride that are in the group. One guy works at Dave's Bike ... more »

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Sorry man, I don't buddy has them in his yard, I have Poppies in my yard, haha. Cheers bro!

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FYI.....those aren't California Poppies

Sweet photos though bro!

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This year Santa's list has a new category: Naughty, Nice & Dirty.

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