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In my riding dreams, that's basically the trail I find myself on. Anybody know the name of that little stretch of dirty nirvana?

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fuckin' hell! i'm so excited for my following's imminent arrival...i've peed myself a few times in anticipation. theoretically, i (we?) should have mine this month--i imagine you're in the same boat? ;-)

it's a real shame that owning it won't immediately upgrade my skill set!

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caste102 left a comment 11/20/2014 8:37 AM

hey man!
check his facebook page:

really cool guy and does anything you want/need


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hey dude! loving the custom SC label decals. who did that for you? i've had a lot of work done w/ slik graphics, but they said they've never done this specific treatment, so don't have the design. anyway, rip it up! - jason

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Added bike check emsley's Ibis 5/14/2014 2:54 PM
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check their sizing--i ride both an XL mojo HDR and 29er stumpjumper evo. while the sj is a monster, the specs for the HDR are similar to the capra. in particular, the stack is the same, but reach on the capra is ~1.5in longer. the prob would likely rise w the 19" seat tube--it'd be fun to snap that thing off while stretching out a seat post.......

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@justcruizing - dude, my comment wasn't aimed at you--it's aimed at the whiny pansies locked in their close-minded ways. i have a 5'8" buddy (also asian) ;-) on the medium 29er. he swapped the seatpost for a 100mm KS dropper, and he's now like a pig in shit. go sit on one, man. i ditched my 26" enduro for a 29er stumpjumper carb evo and adore it. i also have a 26" mojo hdr--the wheelsize argument is for ignorant twats...all high-end bikes are a shitload of fun!

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Wow! Have any of you sour d-bags sat on this bike, let alone spent any lengthy amount of time on a 29-er? (sorry, test rides or grumpy days out don't count)

Have you ridden more than a handful of bikes in your life?

No? Shocking...

Vital, post some vids of you guys riding the beast!

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Financed the shit out of the 29-er in November - best bike I've ever ridden...unless I'm blind, the reviewer doesn't mention that Spec doesn't make the 26-inch in an XL - wagon wheels only...

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Heaven forbid the guy had fun on what is actually a good bike. Not everything in life involves surreptitious wheeling and dealing...

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Humbling pretty much sums it up - location check?

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