Vital RAW - Luke Strobel, 29er Destruction in the PNW 27

Instructions for this video: - Watch - Watch again - Call Washington-area realtor or rental agent. - Move there. Evil's Luke Strobel hauling the mail. When anyone tells you a 29er isn't flickable, swat them upside the dome and show them this video.

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Credit: Dave Smutok / gordo
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  • Big Bird

    12/13/2015 5:00 PM

    Good rewind. I assume that this is related to the longer, lower, slacker, longer travel, NON fat, niner conversation going around? Yes?

  • TBubier

    4/9/2015 9:57 AM

    All killer, no filler. I'd like to see more of these types of videos with actual riding and no goggle shots, hero shots, putting on shoes shots, walking out of the garage shots, eyeing up line shots, sunrise shots, sunset shots, putting the bike in the truck shots, driving to the spot shots...

  • sspomer

    4/9/2015 10:01 AM

    here ya go - 46 other RAWs to get stoked on w/o goggle-put-on-shots - (check adam brayton's from 2 years ago...BRAAAPPPP!!!)

  • TBubier

    4/9/2015 10:06 AM

    OH damn! Well there goes the rest of my day thank you very much.

  • slimshady

    4/9/2015 3:45 AM

    I don't get the "destruction" part. In fact, I think it's out of place here. The guy is cleaner and faster than most of us, if not al.

  • sunkidh

    4/9/2015 2:40 AM

    Is he riding world cups this year?

  • russthedog

    4/8/2015 3:09 PM

    The riding is pretty sweet, but I think we have been spoiled by ones like Bryn Atkinson shredding like a loony, or George brannigan *shudder* and this is pretty tame by comparison. Still there is some sweet cornering in there woot

  • karoliusz

    4/8/2015 1:05 PM

    But still… This big wheels make him look overweight and slow.

  • nismo325

    4/8/2015 2:22 PM

    I agree. this was one of the first raws that left me feeling unfulfilled. just seemed like the bike wants to roll everything and not get airborn. even in the corners it seems like he is working so hard. gear riding non the less but just didn't get me stoked the way raws normally do.

  • Nicholast

    4/9/2015 7:16 AM

    The reason you did not like this video is because of a condition called "bias." More specifically, "29er bias."

  • neil.carnegie.1

    4/8/2015 2:27 PM

    I feel like we must have watched different videos. Either that, or I really want to see you corner..

  • BikerBailey

    4/18/2015 2:51 AM

    Hahaha I like this comment! I dunno what raws you boys been watching coz this has to be one of the best yet!

  • deathXsquad

    4/8/2015 6:28 PM

    he's ripping harder than 99% would on anything smaller, and id bet if this bike wasn't out yet and no one knew he was on a 29er there wouldn't be a single neg comment....

  • bizutch

    10/9/2016 4:11 PM

    You got neg repped. I got the sarcasm though. Thumbs up bud. Thumbs up

  • Gweggy

    4/8/2015 12:34 PM

    best raw video for a long long time... actually one of the few really good ones!

  • louevilcyclist

    4/8/2015 12:21 PM

    You can hear his spokes scream for mercy when he is crushing those turns!

  • Colin McCarthy

    4/8/2015 11:07 AM


  • bigguns8431

    4/8/2015 10:52 AM

    I salute your shredding to sir cause it was fucking bad ass

  • Nicholast

    4/8/2015 7:30 AM

    I've got a Following on order. Dang this video made me excited for that bike. It certainly helps that Mr Strobel rides bikes like I dream of riding them.

  • emsley

    4/8/2015 12:46 PM

    fuckin' hell! i'm so excited for my following's imminent arrival...i've peed myself a few times in anticipation. theoretically, i (we?) should have mine this month--i imagine you're in the same boat? ;-)

    it's a real shame that owning it won't immediately upgrade my skill set!

  • Nicholast

    4/8/2015 2:19 PM

    I heard today they are 2-3 weeks from shipping.

  • JBSDesigns

    12/14/2015 1:22 AM

    I can tell you that owning one really DOES upgrade your skill set! Perhaps not to Sir Strobel´s level, but certainly a fair bit! I got em both. The FOL and the The INS. Love it!

  • Acadian

    4/8/2015 8:47 AM

    he could prob ride the same on a clunker

  • slyfink

    4/8/2015 5:28 PM

    hell, he could probably even kill it on a fat bike...

  • bstens

    4/7/2015 8:08 PM

    Bellevue, Washington - Luke's hometown

  • Northwest

    4/8/2015 1:43 PM

    Yeah, come to WA and ride some killer trails in Bellevue. Good luck.

  • MattPatt

    4/10/2015 12:45 PM

    Actually Bob, I believe you'll find these trails off exit 27.5 near Mt Cougarnuts, Port Bellingvueworth, Washington

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