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Great work on the podium shot. Now I know the new boy is up for a challenge I will see what I can come up with for the next work cup.

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I personally think that Hill is an unknown at this stage. He's been behind Troy down here in Australia but maybe he has been able to regain focus and was just taking it easy for a while. He (Hill) has the passion, there's no doubting that, but has he ... more »

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For a positive aspect I have previously been involved with a youth support program that used mountain biking as a positive "risk" (rather and a negative risk) as an outlet for social and personal development. This really means that you try and divert ... more »

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Gwin: 3.59.59
Pugin: 4:26:36

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I am just too excited to even make a comment.........

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Thanks Luke.. I am always trying something new and like to try and tell a story so I hope people look at this and see a different side of life as a racer.

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Thanks all. We are always our toughest critics so I was probably a little hard on myself.

I think my next challenge (tape up the preview screen and only use a 256MB card) is going to be very, very tough :-)

Reubenshaul - that's cool. That 200mm will be tough. One suggestion, if you are at a race, instead of following the tape (bunting) when you walk up/down the track walk about 50 meters away for the whole length and see what you can get. Sniper shots are sometimes the best.

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Ha... It was just last weekend when I said, "have you got a 5mm in there?".

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I keep hearing that mountain biking is the new golf. I guess in that part of the world it isn't. Damn sucks that's fore sure.

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I have always though that there's too many people racing World Cups. DH1 had the right idea. If there were less teams/people but only the very, very best (like the ASP for surfing) then you could afford to travel around the world.

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"I think that World Cup series should worry about getting people connected to sport and make our comunity grows." Couldn't agree more.

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Looks like a bad super D race...

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Tracey my guess.

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Spoons.....i dont think I was racing that one?

Added a comment about photo Slideshow 8/26/2010 1:48 AM

Why are you not there in the flesh my Spomer????

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Free health care here in Ausland so free is well within my price range. Viva la socialism....