Vorsprung - Fractive Fit4 YouTuned Valve System
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Added a new video The Tuesday Tune Ep 21 - High and Low Speed Rebound Adjustments 11/21/2017 9:04 AM

This week in the Vorsprung workshop, we take a look at how HSR and LSR adjustments work, how they interact and suggest some tuning methods to help you get the best out of your damper. Quite notable with these adjusters is the huge overlap between the effects of the two as well as the interference they each have with one another. When tuning these, simplification is important, and we show you why that is and how to make setting up your rebound damping as simple as possible. There are, as always, a few notes: 1. Simplification to remove variables can be beneficial because it allows you to get to 95% of the potential performance ceiling very easily, as opposed to a theoretical 100% of the performance ceiling that is very difficult to find. 2. Advanced tuning of these two adjusters can go beyond what we suggest in this video - the difficulty though is understanding exactly what interference effects you're causing.

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Added a new video The Tuesday Tune Ep 20 - Preload Adjustment 11/14/2017 9:33 AM

Coil springs require a certain amount of preload to hold them securely in place, but how much should you run? This week on the Tuesday Tune, we go right back to the basics to take a look at the function of a preload adjuster and its purpose, as well as the carryover mentality of preload adjustment from the motorsport world to mountain bikes.

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Added a new video The Tuesday Tune Ep 19 - What Your Rebound Damping Does 11/7/2017 8:55 AM

Welcome back to another season of The Tuesday Tune! This week in the Vorsprung workshop, we delve into the basic ways in which rebound damping affects the behaviour of your suspension, and some of the fundamentals regarding grip, stability and the considerations involved in optimising the two. Questions, comments and feedback always welcome in the comments.

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