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I'm in Maine as well and pulled the trigger on a Guerrilla Gravity Shred Dogg (27.5+ set up 150f/130r) and I was worried that I was going too aggressive on the geometry. Nope. So much more stable than my 17 Cannondale Bad Habit, and still plenty nimble ... more »

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Antidote Carbon Jack 29
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Swarf Cycles Contour

Haha, we clearly have similar taste. Beautiful bike!

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Swarf Cycles Contour
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The official word from GG was that there probably wouldn't be enough clearance, but I threw a 29x 2.25 on the Shred Dogg and there was still a lot of clearance, enough for at least a 2.35 or maybe 2.4. I'll run it mullet if I want bigger rubber anyways, I just wanted a pair of 29" wheels for XC oriented stuff. The bike is way too burly to even pretend to be an XC rig, but I wanted a quiver killer.

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passwordistaco left a comment 6/11/2020 4:08 AM

Jason, love the GGSD. Been lusting after the same bike for a while and had the same plan for mullet + extra wheels. You can fit at 29 in the back without swapping out seat stays?

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Guerrilla Gravity Shred Dogg
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Ask and you shall receive. Link added.

Added a new video Fat Biking with an 8 Month Old 1/31/2020 10:43 AM

I finally got weather, trail conditions and timing to cooperate for my daughter's first adventure with fat biking. I was lucky enough to team up with a local riding acquaintance looking to document some winter biking. I'm in love with the result!

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I was blessed with a daughter (our first child!) this year so unfortunately I have very limited mileage to report after authoring this review.

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 Answer ProTaper SL Carbon Handlebar

Fits right


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 Cane Creek DBair IL (Inline) 2014 Rear Shock
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 Ergon GE1 Evo Grip
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2019 Santa Cruz Chameleon
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Cannondale Bad(dest) Habit
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Cannondale Bad(dest) Habit
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The 27.5 isn't truly halfway between 26 and 29, it's actually closer to 27". It was used because it was an existing French touring bike standard, not a truly new size. What we're seeing is that on DH bikes with lots of travel, the 29 rear is cumbersome. ... more »

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Been there, still recovering. Heal fast, Damien! It's a troublesome injury.

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