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I know for me and so many others, we've just bought a new bike every year or two and put a new 1k into them. I don't have money for 8k bikes but a 5k bike is alright(plus it helps when you buy from the same shop for the past almost decade and they hook it up a bit)

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Oh man I remember the first time I saw that bike at a race with Doc...I lusted so badly!

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One of the best on the market


The Good: Amazing Pedaling, Very comfortable cockpit, Descending is just amazing. You become one with the bike immediately

The Bad: Needs more room for the back wheel.


This is the best all-mountain bike I've ever owned. I also own a Transition Bandit 27.5 with the exact same build(1x11, pike, dropper) and I usually end up taking the uprising even though it has more travel and is supposed to be less of a climber. I have not found that to be true. Especially with the Fox Climb mode, it climbs like a goat. The bike comes alive when you get to the top and switch it to descend. I have my sag set at 33% and it feels very linear up until the end of the travel when it becomes very progressive. The bike is so comfortable. This bike is so agile and the suspension system works perfect. I just wish there was more room in the rear triangle for mud and rocks. That should be remedied. I haven't had any other problems besides that.

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I've never been a huge kona fan...but the Carbon Operator with Boxxer RC, Kage RC, Zee Cranks, X9 Der, Code R, Minion Hubs, and slightly worse wheels is $3999. I'll spend my money on that kona any day!!!

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Good job justin! So jealous of your summers!

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so...specialized wasn't anything special. I talked to him last march before sea otter and he said he was on specialized/fox....i didn't doubt him bc he had a special p1 w/ edge wheels and a fox 831 on it. the thing weighed 22 pounds i think, so nutty ... more ยป