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Great Bars


The Good: They work well for their intended purpose, they come in many colors, they look cool, they come in different rises, they are wide, they provide a great place to put my grips, shifter and brake levers.

The Bad: They are not free, they suck at chopping down trees and while you may think otherwise they do not make for a good eating utensil.


I purchased these new for a FR bike build I did over the Winter. I also went with the Spank Spike 55mm stem. The bars are wide and I do club the occasional tree when riding very tight single track but this does not bother me, it's all part of the game right. I have also used these at my local DH park, I would buy them again.

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It would be a shame to turn an opportunity for sharing a little 2-wheel love into another endless debate on who is wrong or who is right. There are plenty of other places to have that discussion - but if for some reason you must have it here, let's keep it civil and within forum...more

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can't we all just get along? seriously though, if you took a Palestinian and an Israeli and put them in the same room chances are they would find a common ground and get along just fine (which is more than I can say from you two, which is sad considering you already have something in common). Wars are usually fought not by masses of people but by world superpowers or tyrants throwing tantrums, obviously nations will back their leader for the most part but take the leader and the nation away and most people will get along just fine.

Damnit, I am rambling, guys, stop hating or I will kick both your asses!

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Excellent Product


The Good: They fit, they breath, they protect, they do not move.

The Bad: did I mention they do not move :-)

Overall: I have used these for both trail riding and lift assisted riding. I highly recommend these. The X-Strap setup magically keeps these things from moving around. I don't know why Fox does not use this technology on all their guards (buddy has a nicer more expensive looking set and he can't keep them up on his leg to save his life). My only complaint which probably is not a valid complaint is that my legs would get hot while trail riding (pedaling) but really only notice this on hot days which I think is to be expected. For lift assisted riding they are perfect. I would buy them again.

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I am selling my wife's bike, we bought it at the end of last season, she rode it a few times but never really took an interest, there is nothing wrong with the bike, I accept paypal and will ship (at your cost) anywhere in the lower 48 states. Here is

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