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Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

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Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe freeride-blue
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    Featured Review

    “Durable, light, not stiff enough”

    The Good: These shoes have been a great substitution for nike skate shoes as my every day shoe. Stylish, long lasting sole, and as always the stealth rubber is a huge win. They were also used for the odd dirt jump session.

    The Bad: Tendency to heat up quickly in the sun. Bit to flexible for my liking (I'm used to riding in Carvers)

    Overall Review: Very good shoe, perfect for someone who likes a shoe with a bit more flex, or for anyone looking for a casual shoe.

    “Sticky and tough”

    The Good: I never had any issues with my feet coming off my flat pedals but after hear great reviews about 5.10 I thought I would give these a try, and after use of them for one season I think it would be hard to go back to anything else besides the 5.10 sticky rubber. There are times where they feel almost too sticky (its like those first times of riding clipped in and you forget to unclip), they stick to the pedals so well and do so in all conditions, wet, snow, mud..etc. When I say too sticky I just mean that sometimes they can be tricky to reposition them when paired with pedals with aggressive pins but nothing that can be handled. I found also if you are hiking with your bike up any rock faces the shoes grip the rock like glue, they are awesome for hike-a-bike type days. Another bonus is when you need to clean these shoes the materials sheds the mud very well. In terms of style the shoes look really nice and can be worn off the bike as well without looking like a goof something that hard to do with the 5.10 impacts.

    The Bad: The only negatives a found is that the shoes aren’t as comfy as other skate shoes such as Nikes, so if you are just wearing them all day on the street you may find that they can get a bit uncomfortable. The other issue is that due to the tough material they get a bit hot on really hot days but this is nothing that can’t be dealt with. Overall for riding these issues don’t really cause any concern.

    Overall Review:

    I’d consider these a game changer in terms of items you can buy for biking, once you wear a pair of 5.10 shoes it would be very hard to go back to anything else.

    “Just like the old impacts”

    The Good: These shoes are great. They share a similar feel to the original retail impacts. There is a better connection between the rider and the pedal than the current model of impact, while still maintaining great grip and durability.

    The Bad: Only bad side is that they take on more water than the current impact, they they offer no where near as much toe protection.

    Overall Review: Great shoe, and easily should be attributed as the true successor to the original (and the best) impact.

    “Meh, prefer Impacts”

    The Good: Lightweight, great styling, 510 rubber is great as always

    The Bad: Lightweight, too flexy for my taste, not as much protection in the toe box as the Impacts, feel thin through the pedals compared to Impacts

    Overall Review: I bought these after running a couple pairs of Impacts over 5 years or so. I couldn't get into the thin feeling of these shoes and have relegated them to around town kicks and the odd urban ride. Can't recommend for DH or even trail riding due to the flex. Your mileage may vary.

    “Best Skate Style Bike Shoe”

    The Good: Amazing grip- nothing beats 5.10 stealth rubber for traction. Lighter and more breathable than the 5.10 Impact or Karver.

    The Bad: Durability. The sole delaminates too soon. The new model comes with a new sole construction.

    Overall Review: Five Ten makes the best flat pedal shoe on the market. The Freerider is perfect for the guy who wants a casual, more breathable, less bulky, less stiff shoe than the 5.10 Impact.

    “Best Mountainbike Shoes!”

    The Good: These shoes have an incredible amount of grip on flat pedals.

    The Bad: The rubber around the main sole comes open easily and stones start to get stuck inside. Not much grip walking in mud.

    Overall Review: These shoes are perfect for mountainbiking! If they ever broke I would get the impact or Sam Hill shoes next.

    “best shoe ive ever owned”

    The Good: grippy as hell, look good, comfortable

    The Bad: uh, the cali license plate on the back peels and the sole where stitching is supposed to be, peels off of the shoe, but it's no biggie the grip starts to wear, but it's still really grippy and they're pretty expensive for shoes. but you get what you pay for

    Overall Review: this shoe is amazing, it's grippy, comfy, looks good to wear around town, I wear mine everyday these shoes top any nike 6.0 shoe. get them now!

    “Great confy shoe”

    The Good: Is light and the sole is very grippy at the beginning, it has protected me from direct hits at the toes, you can walk and push if needed and they look good.

    The Bad: after a year of use, the outer sole hast start to come off and has become a bit stiff (they are confortable and you can still walk, but they dont grip as before)

    Overall Review: All in all, I would buy them again, love the style (going for the white ones in my next pair)

    “Great shoe for everyone”

    The Good: Grips well, fairly durable, and much more protection that regular trainers

    The Bad: A bit bulky, seams get split and rubber wears down. Maybe a little expensive

    Overall Review: These take a year of regular abuse and then start to die, but the shoe is so good that it is worth it


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Construction Action leather uppers
    Rubber Type Stealth Phantom
    Sizes 6-12, 13
    Colors White/Black, Burgandy/White, Black/Grey, Blue Zebra

    0 lb 14.4 oz (408 g)

    Miscellaneous Stealth Phantom rubber is non-marking
    Price $94.95
    More Info Five Ten website