New Drivetrains, Hubs, and Chainrings - Vital MTB Gear Show 2

Your favorite gear show is back with another episode - this time we've got SRAM's all-new Transmission drivetrain, Hope Pro 5 hubs, and absoluteBLACK's oval PVD Rainbow chainrings on the menu, along with our customary industry news roundup. Dig in!


0:00 Intro
0:20 A Month in a Minute
2:30 SRAM Transmission Presentation and Review
5:42 Hope Pro 5 Hub Presentation and Review
8:27 absoluteBLACK Oval PVD Rainbow Chainring Review

News Section links:

New TRP EVO drivetrain
New Burgtec Colors
New E*Thirteen Helix Race cranks
New Industry Nine iRiX headset
New Ochain R chain device
EXT develops new “Super-Thinner” damper fluid
Kavenz introduces VHP15
Commencal Meta bike check
Zerode launches G3 downhill bike
Giant launches Trance X Advanced E+ Elite
New YT Decoy Core 4 and 720 Wh battery
Marin updates Alpine Trail E range
New Canyon Neuron launched
Guerrilla Gravity announces 2023 range
Snik’s new GPS-enabled anti-bike-theft device
Vee Tires launches 2023 gravity tire collection
Alpinestars Spring 2023 collection
Animoz 2023 range with new jacket
BikeYoke Revive 272 gravel and XC dropper First Look

Review Section links:

SRAM Transmission
Hope Pro 5
absoluteBLACK Chainrings

Credit: Vital MTB

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