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Pivot just launched their updated Shuttle e-bike. We get to see Aaron Chase and Stephanie McDaniel rip up and down South Mountain near Phoenix, which is basically Pivot's backyard. When Pivot first launched the Shuttle a couple years ago, they did it very quietly in the U.S. They didn't even officially offer the bike in America and were cautious about its existence because of potential backlash from "traditional" mountain bikers. I think we posted the original Shuttle press release to our homepage that is visible only if you're in Europe. I could understand why Pivot was cautious but thought it was kinda lame that we all had to jump through these hoops to avoid the haters. I'm glad that they don't have to tip-toe around an e-bike launch any longer and that at Vital, we don't worry about a Euro-only homepage for e-bike posts anymore. I just happened to see this Shuttle video and press release email buried between unwanted roadie newsletters, photographer spam emails and bargain alerts for the newest superfood protein bar in my "promotions" inbox. I always liked the look of the Shuttle and thought the update was interesting, what with the times and all. Plus, Chase is rad.

In the video, the ups are more interesting than the downs considering the tech that they're climbing. Reading the press release below I learned (or re-learned) that the Shuttle is sub-45 pounds. I'm not sure if that's light in the world of e-bikes and after a digging up that original Shuttle press release, this e-bike has always been this light (19.95kg). For some reason however, it hit me - at only ten pounds off the weight of a legit enduro bike, the Shuttle is pointing to a blurry future for our sport where "acoustic" or "muscular" bikes and an e-bikes are virtually indistinguishable. When these e-sleds hit 38 pounds, I'm in. If you have $7,900 or $10,500, read on. If you dislike e-bikes, you can't feel tricked into seeing this page because the title says "e-bike" in it. You knew what was coming. -gordo

Here's the official press release with all the e-details from Pivot.


The Shuttle looks a lot like our other Trail and Enduro models because it is – it has the same type of progressive geometry, ultra-capable suspension, and a state-of-the-art lightweight carbon-fiber chassis that magically makes you a better rider in the most demanding terrain. Shimano’s STEPS eMTB system amplifies your capabilities, enabling you to ride harder, ride further, and explore previously unthinkable routes. The Shuttle is everything that’s great about mountain biking – only now, you get to experience more of it. Way more.


Once you experience the Shuttle’s sub 45 pound weight, you quickly realize that lighter is better, way better. Every time you slow down, change direction, or get a little sendy and leave the ground – the fun part of riding – a Shuttle behaves just like a regular non-assisted bike. The lightweight Shuttle utilizes its high power-to-weight ratio to make accelerating and climbing faster (and easier). You know, the other parts of riding that make mountain biking so dynamic and incredibly fun.


The new Shuttle comes in two build options so you can choose built to the hilt or high value - but either way, our smart specs deliver maximum performance. Custom DT Swiss 29er eMTB specific wheels with thirty percent stiffer Super Boost Plus axle spacing makes the Shuttle fast, nimble and durable. Shimano’s XTR 12-speed group, Fox Factory level suspension, and Phoenix Team carbon components give the Team build the dreamy kind of performance that’ll never need an upgrade. It is the best of the best. Our Race build delivers the same kind of performance and on the trail experience at a value price. Every part matters. On the Shuttle, every part delivers


The same fork specs that make our enduro race models shred so hard gives the Shuttle next level feel and capability on the trail. This 44mm offset, 160mm travel Fox 36 fork adds high-speed stability, cornering ability, and overall performance on the most technical terrain. Go ahead - throw the longest, toughest descent at the Shuttle. You’ll experience nothing but fade-free performance and control thanks to the custom tuned Fox Float DPX2 shock’s added oil capacity and twin tube internal architecture. Add in the characteristics of Dave Weagle’s dw-link suspension, and you get best in class pedaling performance and traction – important traits when boosting up technical trail features. And of course, it absolutely sends it downhill giving its 140mm of wheel travel traction, support, and control any time the ride goes full enduro. And trust us… they will.



Shimano’s STEPS eMTB components deliver class-leading power, tunability, feel, and integration. Shimano’s STEPS systems provide a smooth, natural-feeling assist to your own pedal power. No awkward power lags. No annoying resistance in the drivetrain. We mount the compact, lightweight and powerful e-bike battery to a bottom-load full carbon tray of our own design. This carbon tray is a structural component enabling us to create the strongest and lightest frame possible. The Shuttle is easy to operate. Intuitive Shimano controls with a new ergonomic handlebar remote switch make fine-tuning your power output on the fly simple and seamless. Likewise, the Shuttle features externally-accessible charging ports for quick and effortless charging of your battery.

The Shuttle is available as a complete bike in two different models: The Shuttle Race XT comes in Black with Sterling Silver and costs $7,899 USD while the Steel Blue Shuttle Team XTR sells for $10,499 USD. The Shuttle is available now, in all sizes, at key Pivot Dealers worldwide.

More info at https://www.pivotcycles.com/en/bike-shuttle-us

Credit: Pivot

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