Fall Back 10

Decided to forget the skatepark and get back to some singletrack before the season was over.

ridden, filmed and edited by Matt Slager

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  • bturman

    11/18/2013 5:42 PM

    Loved every minute. Nicely done.

  • Nick

    11/18/2013 3:47 PM

    Some things never change.Great video, nice work Matt.
    (esp 3:26!)

  • sean08

    11/18/2013 11:45 AM

    This just goes to show that dirt jump bikes are MTB. Yeah, one gear, brake, and not so knobby tires point to something completely different.

    A lot of the time I find myself justifying how my DJ is an mtb bike to random people. In the whole feng shui of things, this vid had the perfect proportions of each respective discipline that goes into MTBMX.

    Good job getting creative on natural terrain. (street moves were at an other level too.)

  • Mountain Ripper

    11/18/2013 9:52 AM

    That is an awesome vid! Great riding and great music!

  • Big Bird

    11/18/2013 9:12 AM

    Good speed throughout.

  • Chabak

    11/18/2013 8:57 AM


  • jojotherider

    11/18/2013 8:46 AM

    Wait, this is all self filmed? Really great work!

  • slager

    11/19/2013 6:43 PM

    Yep, all of it. Thanks!

  • dwoww

    11/14/2013 2:45 PM

    awesome vid man.
    I think I saw some palos in there, where was the other singletrack filmed at?

  • slager

    11/14/2013 3:32 PM

    Yeah palos, swk and near matthiessen.

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