ROOTED TAKES A WIN! Only Took 7 Years. 2

Finally, a Rooted win during a Rooted Episode! Only took 7 years... But for real, the Downhill Rockies series is bringing life to DH in the Rockies and we are so stoked to see it. This is a sentimental race for the Rooted Crew as Angel Fire has always brought awesome racing and it feels like an old Mountain States Cup reunion. Join Austin on his first race of the season, and Bodie on his 10th? 15th? Who knows, can't count as high. All we know is that Bodie is committed to racing and it's so sweet to see. This race was just another quick stop on his summer long tour of doing the Pro Downhill Series, NW Cups, Downhill Rockies and more. Thank you DHR for running a sick race and bringing much needed life back to the Downhill scene in the Rockies region. Many fast young racers will be bred, and more importantly, many good times will be had. *Unfortunately, one of our Colorado friends had a bad crash in Angel Fire and is at Craig Hospital in Denver. If you can support, the link is here:

Credit: Rooted MTB

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