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Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover

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Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover
 Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover  Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover
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Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover

A perfect tool for Tubeless' 1st world problems.

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Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover
The Good:

A pure luxury to have, Removes both presta and schrader valve cores, Offers good grip

The Bad:

Could offer better grip for sealant soaked fingers

Overall Review:

When you start building an “at-home” work station for your man-cave, there’s an infinite amount of tool you want. Nevertheless, the tools you need are not created equally. Some you use ever 5 minutes and others you won’t touch for a month. Some of them are needed while others are for pure luxury (like truing stands, part washers, and the Park Tool pizza cutter.) The Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover certainly isn’t a completely necessary tool to have but it sure does make life so much easier. At less than $10 this is something you can actually justify and convince your significant other you need. I’ve been using mine for over 6 months now and here are my impressions:

Key Specs:

Removes presta and schrader valve cores.

CNC machined, anodized finish with laser etched logo.

Fits between spokes for quick and easy core removal.

Features knurled end for a no-slip grip.


Out of The Box:

As you can tell, this tool is fairly straight forward. It removes valve cores. Looking past it’s obvious purpose, you’ll find some good appreciation.

First off, the tool itself has some major style points. It’s CNC machined the quality can be felt immediately. The anodized finish is well done and the “Stan’s NoTubes” logo is lasered on and isn’t going anywhere soon.


As mentioned before, This tool not only removes Schrader but also presta valve cores as well.


If you’ve ran tubeless setups for a while you’re mostly likely aware how the shelf life of sealant isn’t all that great. Every several months the stuff leaks out, dries up, or decides to form an odd shaped throny structure for no reason whatsoever. When this happens, often times it can clog of the valve stem altogether. This is where this valve core remover comes in handy. It fits perfectly over the presta head and simply by twisting it off, you’ll have full access to deflate and/or reinflate your wheels with ease.


Only One Flaw:

If you’ve set up your own tubeless system, you know just as well as any of us that sealant is slippery. Although this tool does come with a knurled end for a no-slip grip, its also quite small and if you’re already drenched with sealant and am trying to fight air from escaping your tire, those groves aren’t as helpful and one would think. It would have been nice to have the gripping feature extend a bit more towards the center of the tool so you can always find grip no matter how much of a mess you’re making.


Bottom Line:

The Stan’s NoTubes valve core remover is a pure luxury to have. It’s simple in design but very well made. It removes both presta and schrader valve cores which is very nice but really shines when messing with presta valves during a tubeless install and recharge. It can be slippery at times so having a little more texture on the tool itself would have been nice but all and all, is a great tool to have. At less than $10, every home mechanic should own one.


Product Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Remover
Tool Type On Trail, For the Garage
Features • Removes Presta and Schrader valve cores
• CNC machined, anodized finish, laser etched logo
• Knurled end for no-slip grip
• Fits between spokes for easy core removal
Price $8.50
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