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Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit

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Snapping leverage

The Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit

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Snapping leverage
The Good:

Cheap, lightweight levers and excellent patch kit.

The Bad:

Polished surface of the levers is difficult to grip while sweating it out with your tires.

Overall Review:

I've had the Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit from my local bike shop a year ago. The patch kit is easy to use (yes, I'm still using inner tubes despite huge improvements in tubeless set-ups) and had no problems with. My gripe is about the tire levers. So...

The tire levers are lightweight and come in three pieces to help (I think) with those tight-fitting tires. These combine into one unit by snapping the levers in the back recesses. Then you can happily put these away in your pocket or bag (bum bag, backpack, saddle back, etc. name your poison) for a wee day out. I've been using these levers for pinch flats (few and far in between so far) and changing tires depending on the weather here in the Philippines.

The levers help to unhook the tire easily enough... provided you get a good purchase for the second lever. I've had to use extra elbow grease to get a better purchase for the second lever. The third lever gets the job done once the above are all done. I think the narrow profile hinders the proper leverage of seating and unseating the tires, even if the levers are reinforced along the sides. The polished surface doesn't help either. Sweat gets into my hand when working. I'm more comfortable working my tires barehanded for a better feel. As such, the Parkt Tool TL-1.2 gets a bite of my hand when sweating it out with my tires.

Eventually, I snapped two levers while changing between a Maxxis Minion DHR II and a Specialized Butcher.

As tires get wider every year, you'll need a wider tire lever. Park Tool needs to widen their tire levers for. better leverage. (Yes, I know, get a tubeless set up). Seriously, an increase in just a centimeter for the Park Tool TL-1.2 levers would be an huge improvement for us mere mortals.


Product Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit
Tool Type On Trail, For the Garage
Miscellaneous This kit combines Park's wildly popular GP-2 Super Patch Kit and TL-1 Tire Levers into a simple, economical kit. Three tire levers and a box with six glueless-style patches and one piece of sandpaper are included.
Price $4.46
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