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Park Tool TW-5 Ratcheting Torque Wrench

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An absolute must for any high-end bike owner

The Good:

High quality feel and materials
3-15Nm range
0.4 adjustment increments
Easy-to-read gauge
Comes with a 3/8" adaptor and traveling case

The Bad:

Sometimes the 3/8" adaptor can get stock in the sockets

Overall Review:

In a world of increasing frame and component technology, precise measurements while wrenching is becoming more and more relevant. This is why I have decided to purchase my very own torque wrench set. For my lower torque range, I decided to go with the Park Tool TW-5. After several months of use, I’m glad I did. Here are my impressions on the masterpiece:



Just like most torque wrenches in this category, the TW-5 has a torque range of 3-15 newton meters (26-132” lbs) and can be adjusted within 0.4 Nm (3.5 “ lbs) increments. To adjust the torque settings, simply pull down on the bottom tab and twist. The bottom tab is string loaded so it naturally falls back into groves so the torque setting can’t change while in use (something that is not present in the larger Park Tool TW-6). A nice feature to have but I could see how they might become annoying when adjusting to the higher torque limits (15 Nm).

Park tool added a quick Nm to “ lb conversion chart on the inside of the torque wrench that makes getting the right torque settings quick and easy.


In addition to this, the TW-5 wrench has a very easy-to-read gauge so you know exactly what torque it is set at.


The ratchet comes with a ¼” driver but also comes with a 3/8” adaptor for multiple socket sizes. The 3/8” adaptor is nice because more socket attachments are this size. When working with dirty, greasy hands, I noticed it somewhat difficult to remove the socket without removing the adaptor as well. It’s a minor complaint but a complaint nevertheless.

The main reason I chose to go with the Park Tool TW-5 is because of the overall quality. I have friends that have owned theirs for 3+ years and they are just as smooth and accurate as the day they got them. Although Park Tool only offers a 1 year warranty on their torque wrenches, I have had good customer service experiences with them on other items and doubt they wouldn’t take care of a defect after that 1 year mark.

Bottom Line

I purchased the Park Tool TW-5 torque wrench because of the quality and functions it has. Backed behind one of the most reputable companies in bicycle tools, I felt I couldn’t have gone wrong. I have been very pleased with my experience with this wrench and would recommend it to anybody. The fact that JensonUSA currently has it for 10% off isn’t too bag either.


Product Park Tool TW-5 Ratcheting Torque Wrench
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park Tool TW-5 Torque WrenchWith todays lightweight components, torque wrench use is no longer an optionits a must for every mechanic. The TW-5 is a high quality, ratcheting, click type torque wrenches that accurately measure and apply the proper amount of torque to a components threaded fastener(s).FeaturesRatcheting drive with 3/8 adapter Dial-adjust system allows desired3-15 Newton Meter range (26-132 Inch Pounds)19.5cm (7 ) lengthProtective case included
Price $104.36
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