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KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers

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KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers

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The Good:

Good quality materials, rubber handles stay put, solid spring, cheap

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review:

When working on your bike at home, one can easily spend an excessive amount of time trying to finagle a masterlink in such a way to get it to pop open. Grabbing the chain with both hands with the chain in the middle and pinching the chain laterally side to side can get a good amount of the links to break open but this doesn’t work for all, especially the newer 11 and 12 speed chains. Investing in chain pliers is an excellent investment for cases like this. I picked up the KMC missing link chain pliers a few years ago. After many uses, here are my impressions:


Out of the Box:

To be honest, there wasn’t anything outrageously special about the KMC missing link chain pliers. I initially picked them up because they were one of the cheaper options. 


When I finally got them in my hand, I was pleased to see they were actually a pretty decent pair. The steel is good quality. The thing I have grown to love however are the rubber dipped handles. They have excellent shape to them and are nearly impossible to pull off.


Aside from this, these pliers have a solid spring to them which keeps them fully open when not using them. The tips of the pliers are very good too. I have yet to have a chain slip out when trying to get the masterlink popped.


Some helpful tips:

Certain pliers come with a side that opens the masterlink as well as closes the masterlink. 


It’s a good feature to have but is not necessary (these pliers do not have the closing feature). All you need to do to get the link closed is place the masterlink so it is in between the top part of the cassette and top part of the chainring, hold the wheel in place, and crank the pedals with your hand. It doesn’t take much force and the masterlink will pop closed.


Bottom Line:

There isn’t much difference between all the masterlink chain pliers out there. The things I looked for were good materials, comfy handles that stay in place, solid spring, and that it doesn’t hold the chain tight when in use. The KMC missing link chain pliers have all of these and is still one of the cheapest options out there. I would recommend them to anybody. 5 Stars.

Solid piece of kit worth investing in

The Good:

Does the job. Allows you to re-use quick links.

The Bad:

Does nothing to stand out from any other quick link pliers

Overall Review:

This does exactly what it should; removes quick links. What they don't tell you is that it does it without damaging the link, allowing you to re-use it several times before replacing it, much better than using needle-nosed pliers. Of course, whichever chain brand you are using won't endorse this technique, but after trying it on KMC, Sram, and Shimano chains, I'm confident enough to use a re-used quick link in races or all-day epic rides without worry. I'm not sure I could endorse these particular pliers over any other similarly specific pliers, but they seem to be of quality build and have a smooth action.


Product KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers. Tools. This handy tool will make changing and repairing your KMC chains easier and quick. It's one of those essential tools you should keep in the tool kit! Features: Ideal tool for adjustments and repairs to KMC chains .
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