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Pedro's Multi Spoke Wrench

Average User Rating: (Mediocre)
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Pedro's Multi Spoke Wrench

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Light weight, Easy to stow for on-trail application

The Bad:

Horrible design for regular use

Overall Review:

I picked up the Pedro’s Multi Spoke wrench which was included in a starter kit when I first started working on my own bikes a long, long time ago and to be honest, I have only used it when I was in dire need of a wheel true. Below are my impressions:


Out of the Box:

The Pedro’s Multi Spoke wrench first appeared to me as something awesome. It’s literally 3 spoke wrenches in one and weighs something around a silver dollar coin. Perfect for stowing in a camelbak or saddle bag while riding down the whole enchilada in Moab, Utah. I took a spill while I was there and actually used it to get my wheel from rubbing on the inside of my frame on the way down, which was insanely helpful.

With all this being said, I would never choose to use it at home as a home mechanic. Why you might ask? I’m afraid it’s minimalist attitude in weight and space also trickles into its performance. The accuracy of the wrench sizes wasn’t bad. The handles for the fingers weren’t horrible either. What it really comes down to is a lack of surface area while placing it onto the spoke nipples.


I’m sure everyone reading this has stripped out at least one spoke nipple in their life. Fused nipples or over-tensioned spoke can cause that. The design of the tool can also cause that as well. The surface area this tool offers is pretty much the worst I’ve seen. Stripping out a spoke nipple with this tool wouldn’t take much at all. You can tell by just looking at the photo above. There is so much of the nipple that never get in contact with the tool. With just a few more minutes of design, this tool could have offered so much more. It almost kinda blows my mind that Pedro overlooked such a thing.

Bottom Line:

The Pedro’s Multi Spoke wrench is a good thing to have if you find yourself in the middle of a 30+ mile trail with a bent rim. As for use from a home mechanic’s perspective, it’s one of the worst spoke wrenches around. Good if it comes in a kit just to have around in emergencies but horrible to seek out and buy by itself. It’s lack of surface area makes it a real molester of spoke nipples. Treat your spoke nipples right and buy something better. 4 stars for simplicity. 0 stars for design and function. Average rating: 2 stars.


Product Pedro's Multi Spoke Wrench
Tool Type On Trail, For the Garage
Miscellaneous Simply elegant CrMo steel design is extremely ergonomic & durable. Fits 3.2, 3.3, and 3.5mm spoke nipples. (most common sizes)
Price $9.64
More Info Pedro's Website

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