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BikeYoke Revive Seatpost (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
BikeYoke Revive
 BikeYoke Revive Seatpost  BikeYoke Revive Seatpost  BikeYoke Revive Seatpost  BikeYoke Revive Seatpost
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Best Dropper Available

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

- super smooth operation
- always reliable
- revive feature fixes any “deadspot” in a few seconds, instead of rebuilding or sending in your seatpost.
- adjustable air pressure allows for speed adjust, and an audible top out knock if you so wish for it.
- easy to rebuild, if for some reason needed. Bike yoke is very informative as well. And allows for playing with different oils and weights. Not limiting you to one type of oil that you feel burning your eyes and lungs....
This is a cool feature because, if you frequently ride in cold weather, you can use a lighter oil. Or if a lighter rider feels the post is too firm pushing down, it can be adjusted to preference. Not as easy as twisting a dial on your remote, but also no hydraulic line in your frame...
- comes with a usable remote. The remote can use a cable head, or clamp the cable. So setup is super easy and quick.
- the “max” 34.9 post uses an entirely larger design for durability, instead of just making the lower portion of the post heavier and thicker.
- one of the lowest overall lengths available. The 160 is shorter than many competing 150 posts.

The Bad:

- cheap cable and housing included. Pretty standard on all droppers though. Recommend swapping to sealed ferrules and stainless cable.
- pretty spendy, but includes a remote.
- remote feels cheap compared to a wolf tooth remote, but that’s kind of expected.

Overall Review:

I can’t see the future, but as far as what’s available today, I would never buy a different post. The reliability and the quality of the Revive is years beyond anything else available, and worth every penny. The revive feature is genious. Don’t be concerned that you’ll be using it daily, in two years of owning, I had to legitimately use the feature twice to reset my post. I did it a dozen other times showing people how it works. If for some reason the oil is very foamed up, you may need to do it twice. But you will always get your post back to feeling new, literally at the flip of a switch. Out of the dozens that we have sent out with customers, we have only had to rebuild one, and this was due to an install error. The lower saddle gut assembly was installed backwards which put pressure on the included revive lever, this damaged the revive valve o-ring. Had the revive lever not been installed(basically a fancy 4mm hex with an o-ring) I doubt any problem would have ever occurred. The rebuild process was much simpler and more enjoyable than the competitions and BikeYoke was extremely helpful and informative in the process. While the upfront cost is fairly high, you will spend less time and money than dealing with faulty and frustrating posts. 

Hands Down The Best Dropper I’ve Used!

The Good:

I demo over 20 bikes on an average year so I’ve ridden most of the current droppers on the market. Most are pretty good these days. Some still need some work! I use my dropper a lot so when it doesn’t work well it really throws me off. The sad thing was the droppers on over half the bikes I rode had some sort of issue. Everything from minor-major sticking to straight up stopped working. Worse yet most of them where only a few rides old. Almost all the problem posts where the from same brand. All that changed when I demoed an Ibis Ripmo and it had a Revive on it. First thought? Oh it’s smooth very very smooth. It makes most other posts feel like they are well not smooth. It takes minimal effort to push it down. The return speed is just right. It worked so well in fact that I specced one on my new bike.
I generally try to fit the longest post I can on a bike. The overall length of Bike Yoke posts is shorter than most other posts. This allows you to put a longer post on your bike. I went with a 180mm but I easily could have put a 200mm on my LG Ripmo. The clamp has held my saddle snugly without so much of a peep or the slightest bit of movement. Despite my high rate of crashing in the past year. It also allows me to use my lever of choice. I use a Specialized SLR dropper lever. That in my opinion is the best dropper lever you can buy. It’s shaped just like a SRAM shift lever. It bolts directly to my matchmaker clamps. It also has a good amount of adjustability and is silky smooth. Bike Yoke has added a sweet little reset set valve to the post. So if it does get some air in it it’s easy to get it out. A quick turn of an Allen key and cycle the post and it’s good to go. I never had to do this on a ride but I did cycle it through about once month along with my other regular maintenance. The best thing though is that the Revive worked without fault for the last year. Through intense heat, rain and mud, to freezing cold and snow. It simply disappeared.

The Bad:

The included cable housing was not good! But to be fair that’s not uncommon for stock dropper post cable. I tossed it in the trash and used Shimano SIS housing and cable.

Overall Review:

Overall the Revive is a fantastic dropper post that does everything I expect without fault. I’d  recommend it to anyone. 


Product BikeYoke Revive Seatpost
Riding Type Cross Country, Enduro / All-Mountain, Trail
Seatpost Type Dropper
Interface Railed
Remote Adjustable Yes -- BikeYoke lever options: Triggy, 2-By remote, Triggy with I-Spec B, or Triggy with I-Spec II
Diameter 30.9mm or 31.6mm
(For 34.9mm, see the Revive Max dropper seatpost)
Travel 125mm, 160mm, or 185mm
Length 365mm (125mm travel), 435mm (160mm travel), or 485mm (185mm travel)
Tilt Micro adjustable head
Materials Alloy
Colors Black
  • 1 lb 0.4 oz (465 g)
  • 1 lb 4.5 oz (580 g)
Miscellaneous BikeYoke Revive Features:
  • Internal cable routing
  • Compatible with I-Spec B and I-Spec II
  • Non-IFP design with 2 dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit
  • Patented Reset Valve function to drain air from the system using 4mm hex key, resetting the hydraulic circuit

    BikeYoke Revive dropper post includes:
    1x remote (optional)
    1x cable housing (1500mm)
    1x inner wire (1700mm)
    2x housing endcap
    1x barrel cable clamp
    1x air valve adapter
    1x quick-reset-lever
    1x BikeYoke I-spec adapter or Splits Clamp (optional)
    1 set titanium saddle bolts and nuts
  • Price
    • $375
    • $450
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