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SDG Ti-Fly Saddle (discontinued)

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Great Stock or Aftermarket Saddle

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Durable, Low Price, Sublime Graphics, Comfort

The Bad:

None to be had here

Overall Review:


· Rugged design with Kevlar sides

· Peri-Canal from tip to tail

· Cro-mo or Ti rails

· 225g (cro-mo rails)

· Can be had for about $50



            I have had several of the SDG Fly saddles on various bikes in the past. They all came as stock saddles and I fee like they do a good job. In my experience the Cro-mo rails are sturdy weather on my DH bike or my trail bike. This is the same as the Ti version just with Cro-mo rails. The light weight nylon base has a bit of give to help with comfort. The Peri-Canal runs all the way from front to the rear of the saddle to help with comfort in any pedal position. One of my favorite features of the saddle is the Kevlar side. You are going to crash at some point, or even will lay your bike down in the parking lot while getting ready for a ride. The Kevlar is very durable and I have a harder time wearing this material out the saddles with leather (or leather-like) sides. It also gives a little bit of grip to the saddle to help control the bike.

              In my experience the saddle has good comfort, some out there are more comfy to me, but I have no desire to take this saddle off of my new bike until it wears out. I have not bent a rail on any of the 3 versions of this saddle I have had so I expect it to last a long time. They do have several colors to choose from and may bike companies use these as OEM equipment as well. To sum up: They are not expensive, have good comfort, durable design, and have I like the aesthetics. It is a win - win for me. It definitely is one that would be on my short list for an aftermarket option.


Nice saddle

The Good:

Light, quality construction

The Bad:

kinda pricey, but good deals can be found online

Overall Review:

SDG's Ti Fly has titanium rails and thin padding to keep the weight to a minimum. I scored a good deal on one and put it on the dh bike where it works great.  It is small/thin enough to not be in the way when moving around yet it feels solid when you need it to give the bike a little input with your legs. The saddle has been through a few crashes and the sides have held up well considering I got version with the nylon weave sides that are a bit tougher than a regular fabric. 

I've used SDG saddles in the past and am a fan of the Bel-Air for trail riding where you spend a bit more time sitting down. Also the I beam is a really cool technology but I'm glad that SDG makes a railed version of their products.

Overall, the saddle is nice and great for something lightweight and minimal.  Not the most comfortable thing for me to sit on for an extended time but that's all personal preference anyway. Despite being more money than I normally spend on a seat, I'd get it again.

Surprisingly Very Comfortable and Slim

The Good:

Slim, not disturbing when going back over the rear wheel.

The Bad:

Price is high, and only fit to a narrow Pelvic area.

Overall Review:

After Few rides on this saddle i was surprised how comfy it is.

I used lots of saddles in the past but this skinny saddle just perfect .

Narrow enough so it notdisturbing and supporting enough so your private part won't hurt.

To a summery a great saddle with a good Weight and support.

Great Featherweight Saddle - Trail to Race - DH to XC

The Good:

Featherweight construction with superior Durability
Built in Body Flex
Sleek Design with mininal padding
Stylee color options USA Designed.

The Bad:

..hmm.. Embroidery wears off

Overall Review:

Very comfortable for all day comfort when properly positioned and body is hardened . Equally, it can be uncomfortable if improperly placed or riding position is more slouched. This is definately a sit bones type of saddle, it a touchdown or fumble. Check and support your local bike shop for one and you'll know right away. Ride Bikes.


Product SDG Ti-Fly Saddle
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Downhill
Interface Rails
Materials Titanium Rails, Eva Foam
Colors Black Top/Black Perf Sides, White Top/Gray Mesh Sides, White Top/ Black Perf Sides
Weight 0 lb 6.5 oz (185 g)
Price $119
More Info SDG website

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