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Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace (discontinued)

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Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace
 Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace  Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace  Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace  Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace
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Leatt DBX Neckbrace

The Good:

Keeps you from breaking your neck, Adjustable,

The Bad:

May not work well with larger type helmets

Overall Review:

I bought this brace after breaking my collar bone due to the chin guard of my helmet making contact with it. It thought some extra protection in general would be good. Along with it, I bought a new helmet that was a bit smaller than my previous. Once I set up the brace, it was very nice and with my 661 comp carbon helmet, I had plenty of range of motion while riding even the steepest trails. I have used it for several seasons it it has done well overall with the materials holding up.


While riding, it never really felt to get in the way while going down the trail. I did experiment with the extra strap and ended up riding without any extra retention as I could not really tell a difference while riding. It does come with multiple adjustment pieces to make sure it fits each rider regardless of size just right.

I feel like it has saved me, or at least did not hurt, on several pretty big wrecks that I have had over the past couple of years. I believe that this is not only for newer riders, but even experienced riders as well. You never know when you may take a spill and break your neck. Relatively cheap for what it could save you for the rest of your life.

I'm a hack.

The Good:

Comfortable, no straps needed, its blue, removable pads, saves your neck

The Bad:

It broke my collar bone

Overall Review:

Ok, I know that "The Bad" sounds like a bad thing but really it's not when put into context because the thing probably did a lot to save my neck.

I had a season ending crash at one of our local downhill trails near Portland OR and among the many injuries that put me in the hospital for four days was a broken collar bone. Three different doctors all concluded, independently, based on my description of the fall that the brake was from a direct downward force to my right clavicle. Given the way i fell on my right side it had to be my helmet that pressed down into the brace that broke my collar bone. From what I understand this isn't unheard of and it sounds like Leatt has made some adjustments to the DBX Comp 4 brace to help mitigate this. Another solution to help limit the chance of a collar bone brake would be to wear proper armor underneath the brace so it distributes the load better. My buddy Gene uses a POC VPD 2.0 suit and says he never feels the brace pushing on him.

I want you to take that experience with a grain of salt however because as my review title suggests, I'm a hack and crash often. More often than not this brace has done its job, as it may have in my season ender. This experience has not discouraged me from wearing my brace at all. It did however make me revisit my thoughts on how little torso protection I wear.

Overall I suggest you get one of these. I read a report from Whistler saying that head/neck injuries were the 2nd most common at the bike park only after shoulder injuries. They do take some time to get used to and I suggest getting them fit properly. Take your time fitting it, watch the videos and even call Leatt for help. Since it does limit your head movement you'll find yourself looking down trail by moving your eyeballs up rather than tilting your head up. Originally I was getting headaches from this (I know, I'm a bag of problems) but this changed when I replaced my Moto GPX brace with this DBX one. This brace allows for further adjustment on the rear support to give you a bit more range of motion. In addition I believe fit was improved because I also changed from a helmet that wasn't designed with the brace in mind to a D3 which is.

In a nutshell, protect yourself so you can keep riding well past your 50's.

This ended my season. - More Mountain Bike Videos

I've fallen and I can't get up.

Light, reliable and great in Blue/Gray!!!!

The Good:

Light. Reliable (believe me, I have crash test dummy'ed it). Blue/Gray is a great color since it does not look dirty as easy as other lighter colored ones.

The Bad:

None. Mayyybe it could have some sort of enhancement where I could put the straps coming out of it from different points without having to play with the velcro inside.

Overall Review:

Great neckbrace! A+ on protection, A+ on looks, A+ on durability, A+ on confort, A+ on weight.....just a A- due to the fact that I need to do a workaround to place the straps coming out of it higher than the default design it has which makes it more confortable for me, and I have seen other users do the same thing.


Product Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace
Price $165.87
Miscellaneous DBX Comp Mike Day Signature Edition is the bicycle brace with premium fit thanks to its low profile and adjustable front and rear tables. Fibreglass reinforced polyamide construction and low profile Biofoam padding unites premium safety with great looks! World famous BMX Racer, Mike Day’s Signature DBX Comp brace in his signature Mike Day Blue. Features Mike’s autograph on the bottom front plate Mike Day’s race number ‘365’ is displayed on the thoracic strut The DBX Comp features a low-profile shape designed specifically to meet the specific range-of-motion needs of cyclists. The brace is constructed from fiberglass reinforced polyamide resin, whereby microscopic glass beads are infused into the plastic to increase its bond-strength. This makes for a controlled, stronger brace, without compromising the wearer’s safety. Certain parts of the brace are constructed from carbon-fiber that is reinforced with Kevlar®. This helps prevent the parts from shattering and sharp edges to protrude. At the back of the brace, fitting firmly on the muscles surrounding the spine, sits an engineered thoracic member that helps keep the brace in position during an impact. This strut is designed to snap off at a certain force (roughly, one third of the force it takes to injure the spine). The rear-upper support acts as a crumple-zone, giving way under a severe load in certain circumstances. A unique cut-out section helps ensure the brace and helmet avoids contact with the collarbone. Rounding off the construction of the brace is shock-absorbing Bio-foam. Biomechanically designed to help cushion the chin and contain the brace material in an accident, Bio-foam is also fully replaceable and machine-washable. The brace features two red-coloured clips that identifies emergency openings to paramedics. Leatt-Brace® is CE certified (according to Personal Protective Equipment directive 89/686/EEC) and all materials used have been chemically tested and certified, so it is free of lead and other harmful additives. Maximum adjustability on the DBX Comp brace is achieved through six independent adjustment points and the brace is adjustable to suit most individual rider’s needs. Weight: approximately 790g ± 50g.
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