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POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves

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POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves

One glove to rule them all?

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POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves
The Good:

High quality materials and craftsmanship, excellent flexibility yet offers outstanding protection, breaths well yet offers great durability

The Bad:

Nothing so far

Overall Review:

The term “Fits like a glove” wasn’t derived out of thin air. It’s something that, when done right means perfection (figuratively yes, but also realistically.) In regards to mountain biking, there isn’t a better piece of protection that fits this term with more exactness than riding glove. There’s a ton to choose from, some with close out prices and some scratching the $100 price point. What makes a $50+ glove so much better than a basic one? I got my hands on the new POC Resistance Pro DH gloves in hope to find out just that. With several months of riding time with them, here are my impressions:

Detailed Specs:

Downhill MTB glove with impact absorbing VPD system pads

Durable ceramic fabric strategically placed on fingers and knuckles

Specific EVA padding on knuckles of the ring and little finger

Ventilated palm with silicon pads for comfort and breathability

Silicon print on brake fingers

Touch screen compatible thumbs

Terrycloth nosewipe on thumbs

Velcro closure at wrist


Retail: $70


Out of The Box:

Pulling the Resistance Pro DH gloves out of their packaging, they looked great. Superior material with excellent stitching. The attention to detail was truly there in every aspect of the glove.


Slipping my hand into the glove itself, I found myself saying within my head, “Wow, it fits like a glove.” I’m sure a few of you are thinking, …yeah, because it IS a glove. But there’s more to it. The glove fit perfectly to my hand. No tight areas, no unfilled fingertips. The Resistance Pro DH gloves were spot on.


The patterns of the Resistance Pro DH gloves were also carefully thought out. The outside of the glove offers more durable material towards the outside of the glove while offering better breathability around the braking finger. Flipping it over and you’ll find breathing pores throughout the palm of the hand yet padded and reinforced about the bottom and thumb area to help save your hands from blistering from a full day’s ride.


On The Trail:

Getting these out in action, I was impressed with how free my hands felt. Unlike highly padded and protected glove, the amount of flexibility the Resistance Pro DH gloves offered was pretty unreal. You can thank this range of motion to the VPD pads inserted over the outer knocks, not only over the carpels but over the fingers as well.


This type of material allows for free movement through normal riding but the second it has a hard impact, hardens up quicker than a bunch of adolescent boys walking across a cheerleader summer camp.

Aside from the VPD pads, these gloves come with silicon finger grips to better brake traction, EVA padding on the palms, and even touch screen and terrycloth material (for nose and goggle cleaning) that make the Resistance Pro DH gloves the ultimate glove to have.


Bottom Line:

Although the POC Resistance Pro DH glove is towards the top as one of the most expensive gloves POC (as well as any brand) offers, you certainly get what you pay for. They offer excellent flexibility but are a real knuckle saver when the going get rough and you find yourself digging face first into hero dirt. They have held up well and offer a perfect fit for my hands. If you are looking for the ultimate glove and can justify spending top dollar, the POC Resistance Pro DH glove is the perfect glove for you.

Same gloves as 2016 POC Resistance Strong Gloves just a different name- unless adhesive is improved.

The Good:

no more twisted strap, like on 2015 Index DH glove
more air flow than the DH index glove provided by the holes in the palm
I stay cool even in 25 deg. Celsius
true to size, I have 21cm knuckle size, and the medium fits me perfectly. I went from Index DH gloves in large which was a bit too bit too big, to this glove.
Durable ceramic-coated SuperFabric® with abrasion-resistant properties, this actually works.
Great fit.
Has impact protection at the knuckles.

The Bad:

the impact protection is silly thin, they won’t help on a proper impact, I tested it with hitting my hand harder and harder on a stem.
Because of the holes on the palm, the durability suffers when you get something (pedal pins for example) stuck in the holes you can tear the fabric, but this is also caused by the fabric's weakness. but if you do it can easily be fixed if you got some sewing skills.
the triple dots on the fingers wear off fast because they are glued on. the glue holding the Velcro to the rubber strap failed of some pairs of gloves, but you can easily fix this with a sewing kit. Sadly I got an inconsistent quality of the stitching on these gloves with the gloves I got.
after many months of use, the glove stretched and had to be sewn in the palm to fit me properly.

Overall Review:

New glove

But if you want longer lasting palm to get the Index DH glove instead, but it will of course not be as cool as the Resistance glove, but the durability of the palm must be improved.

Adhesive failure at the strap.Wear

New glove, measurement at area which gets stretched.

I still use my Index DH gloves in size L, for colder days,I wear them over fleece gloves in size M, which works well. I want to look intoother gloves, like Mechanix for example, they got full finger padding and knuckle padding. but that might be overkill.

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Product POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves
Rider Unisex
Material Durable ceramic fabric placed on fingers and knuckles.
Specific EVA padding on knuckles of the ring and little finger.
Ventilated palm with silicon pads.
Silicon print on brake fingers.
Touch screen compatible thumbs.
Terrycloth nose wipe on thumbs.
Velcro closure at wrist.
90% polyester/10% elastane backside, 60% polyamide/40% polyurethane palm, 100% polyester thumb, 80% ethylene vinylacetate/20% polyvinyl chloride knuckle, 100% polyethylene foam, 100% silicon palm pad.
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color Uranium Black
Miscellaneous Downhill MTB glove with impact absorbing VPD system pads.
Weight: 78 g
Price $70
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