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Banshee Spitfire - 2010 Frame (discontinued)

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2010 Banshee Spitfire
 Banshee Spitfire - 2010 Frame  Banshee Spitfire - 2010 Frame  Banshee Spitfire - 2010 Frame
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Spitfire Aggressive Trail

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Quite unique geometry for a 5" travel frame. This bike is FAST on the descents and an absolute blast when you get the opportunity to really open it up. Changing the geo with the front shock mount is super quick to do and very effective. The aggressive geo is complemented by the awesome chassis stiffness, allowing you to push a 5" air sprung bike much harder than it should be. Bike comes with an extra hanger and pivot bushings which is a nice touch. Build quality seems to be pretty top notch.

The Bad:

Ano finish is a bit fragile, dropouts are fairly generic/clunky. Slightly shorter chainstays would make the bike a bit more nimble and fun. If it were designed around a 7.875" i2i shock one could play with coil shock options.

Overall Review:

A pretty unique bike that is meant for riders that can appreciate how hard it can be pushed. Adjustable geo is easy to change, and the low/slack position is very much so for a trail bike. The shock does seem to be much more active in the low/slack setting, leaving the high/steep setting feeling snappy for trail riding but a bit harsh over the chatter.

A Downhillers Trailbike indeed!

The Good:

- really aggressive Geometry for that little Travel
- stiff chassis
- pedals well uphill (not great but still good)
- stable ride downhill

The Bad:

Not much actually.
I have to ride a medium cage derailleur for 1x10spd with a 11-36 cassette, because the rear stretches quite a bit while going through it's travel and the Type 2 derailleurs don't have as much free motion as the normal ones.
A short cage would make the bike quite a bit quieter.

Overall Review:

I've got the bike build with a 160mm fork up front and the Fox Float RP23 it comes with. I ride a fair bit of steep and technical terrain with it and it handles it surprisingly well. The Geometry is spot on and the suspension system works like a treat. On normal "Enduro" kind of trails I never wish for more travel, I think the 160mm up front help greatly, but the chassis is really stiff and makes for a stable ride. It's only on my local DH track, where the speeds are significantly higher that I remember it's only 130mm of travel. Maybe a beefier shock would help, but the system certainly has it's limits somewhere. As a trailbike it's pretty unbeatable, though!
I definitely care more about going downhill, but the bike also climbs really well. I usually only ride it in the slack setting and on steep climbs you really have to shift your weight forward, but if you have a dual position fork that solves that problem, too.

I haven't had many troubles with the bushing system, I quite like it actually. I study mechanical engineering and had a discussion with a professor about that and he agreed, that it's better than bearings. Banshee could have made it easier to service though, it's a bit annoying to get the grease gun in there and the screws are tiny.

Worse frame i have ever owened

The Good:

OK, this is the only good thing i can say about this frame, the bike ride well, angles feel spot on, easy to pick up and put in the right place. I even won a enduro on it.

The Bad:

WHY OH WHY MAKE A FRAME THAT RUNS ON PLASTIC IGUS BUSHING INSTEAD OF BEARINGS!!!??? I had this frame for 8 months, and in that time i had to replace the bushings and pivots 3 times. 3 TIMES IN 8 MONTHS!!!??? Which set me back a hefty £300!

Overall Review:

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! When it worked it rode well, i do ride a lot, and did put the miles in during the 8 months of using this frame but shit son, £300 in bushings and pivot kits! I still have the frame in the garage but i'd feel to guilty to sell it on to the next unlucky guy to fool into buying it.

A fun bike for any day of week

The Good:

Light, low and slack geometry, very stiff and responsive, climbs and pedals very efficiently, clean cable routing, descends like a freight train.

The Bad:

The bushing system requirements more maintenance than usual, but the bushings are only about $1 each and swap out quickly with out any special tools. Other than that, maybe a thru axle rear end?

Overall Review:

I picked up this frame at a deep discount and built it with mainly with spare parts sitting around my garage. The fit and finish of the bike is top notch - no creaks, squeaks or clunks and the whole bike came together easily.  On the trail its extremely fun.  It goes uphill quietly with minimal pedal bob and has very good traction.  Going down or fast through twisty, technical trails is really where this thing shines.  It's nimble, quick and can be tossed through turns very easy.  It's low bottom bracket rails turns and keeps the bike feeling stable over fast, chunky descents.  The Spitfire is just as happy hitting jumps and drops as it is on single track.  It's a very versatile bike, depending on how you set it up.

The bushing system isn't nightmare to keep up.  New bushings can be bought in bulk for cheap and all you need to swap out the bushings is about 30-35 min, allen wrenches, grease, a mallet and a clamp.  It's quick and easy and needs to be done once every few months if you're riding regularly.

Overall, the original Spitfire is still a blast even in the world of bigger wheels and fancy carbon.


Product Banshee Spitfire - 2010 Frame
Riding Type Trail
Rider Unisex
Sizes and Geometry
S, M, L, XL View Geometry
Size S M L XL
Top Tube Length 22" 23" 24" 25.2"
Head Tube Angle 66.0°, 68.1° 66.0°, 68.1° 66.0°, 68.1° 66.0°, 68.1°
Head Tube Length 4.5" 4.5" 4.5" 4.5"
Seat Tube Angle 72.5° - 74.6° 72.5° - 74.6° 72.5° - 74.6° 72.5° - 74.6°
Seat Tube Length 15.5" 16.9" 18.5" 20.0"
Bottom Bracket Height 12.8" - 13.6" 12.8" - 13.6" 12.8" - 13.6" 12.8" - 13.6"
Chainstay Length 17.0" - 17.3" 17.0" - 17.3" 17.0" - 17.3" 17.0" - 17.3"
Wheelbase 43.4" 44.9" 45.9" 46.9"
Standover 27.1” 27.6” 28.3” 29.3”
Reach 374mm 404mm 430mm 454mm
Stack 589mm 589mm 589mm 589mm
Wheel Size 26"
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Material Details Hydroformed 7005 AL Tubes
Rear Travel 127mm
Rear Shock FOX RP2
Head Tube Diameter Tapered
Bottom Bracket 73mm x 118mm
Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions 135mm x 10mm
Front Derailleur Size Capable of Running Multiple Setups from Chainguide, to Dual Ring with Bash Guard
Seatpost Diameter 30.9mm
Max Tire Size 26"x 2.5"
ISCG Tabs ISCG '05
Bottle Cage Mounts No
Colors Black, Silver/Team Blue, Ano Grey, or White
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 5 lb 13.5 oz (2,650 g)
Price $1,825
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