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FOX 36 Talas 160 R Fork (discontinued)

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It's a fox so ya'll need to bow down

The Good:

its a FOX, talas adjuster goes from 140mm straight to 180mm with one click, easy to adjust on the fly when riding, convenient front brake hose holder that bolts to the arch to keep it in place, easy to undo 20mm thru axle,

The Bad:

only had rebound adjuster, one of the quick releases has started to squeak when it open/closes but it is easily fixed, 1.5 steer tube may limit your stem choices

Overall Review:

This buttery baby came stock on my Cannondale claymore and I'm glad they made the correct choice. Just like with the claymore's rear end, this fork has adjustable travel! I initially thought that this fork would have 3 options; 140mm, 160mm and 180mm but it only has 2 which is all you'll ever need I'm starting to find out.

I'm coming from a fox 40 so this isn't quite as burley (obviously) but the suspension performance is spot on just like the 40 was, so I have come to always expect greatness from Fox Racing Shox. First off, since it's an air fork you can pump it up to your preferred stiffness instead of having to find and change springs which makes it easy to tune. The only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that it only has rebound adjust (and one other adjustment on the bottom of the fork I think but I haven't really played with that one much). I think if its not too much money, one of these days i might see if fox can install a Fit Damper in it to increase performance even more.

When I originally got my Claymore I was going to get a lighter duty fork (like the Fox 34/36 140mm) for XC and All mountain and then get another Fox 40 for all the DH stuff but I think I might just have to stick with this Fox 36 180mm Talas, it really is the best of both worlds. One click for climbing and one click for descending, done and done! The Thru axle is really nice too but make sure to keep it lubed and tight since they can be sticky after a while. Also the post mount is only for 200mm rotors so there is no adapter you need to use with them. I was alittle confused at first since all of my 40's have needed an adapter but my front brake runs spot on. Fox also as always included a cool little cable hose guide that bolts right to the crown which keeps it from rubbing and getting stuck in the tire, no zip ties needed which is always a big plus.

I'm sure this thing will be fairly easy to service but I will learn from past experience and have a skilled mechanic doing it. Great job fox, can't wait to put this thing through years of abuse!


Product FOX 36 Talas 160 R Fork
Riding Type
Wheel Size
Spring Type
External Adjustments
Front Axle
Brake Mounts
Steer Tube Diameter
Steer Tube Construction
Stanchion Diameter
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Fox 36 Talas 160 RThe Fox 36 Talas is a fork you can rely on from all mountain riding to even freeriding.Travel (TALAS 2-position) 4.7 inches / 120 mm 6.3 inches / 160 mmWeight (includes axle): 4.7 lb / 2.13 kg (1 1/8 steerer)Steerer: 1 1/8 straight aluminumAdjustments Rebound Air spring pressure TALAS 2 position travel adjustLower leg: 20QR thru axle system with post style disc brake mounting
Price $895
More Info Fox Racing Shox website

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