DVO Onyx SC Fork

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Set it and forget it
The Good
Smooth action, plush
The Bad
Heavy, unusual setup, not stiff enough
Overall Review:

Roughly 6 months into ownership with enough time on the fork to do a lowers service (easy to do).  The initial setup of the fork was a little difficult, mainly because the Ibis traction tune differs from the (more updated) suggested settings from DVO.  I’m almost 6’4” and somewhere in the 205-210lbs range ready to ride and my bike has approximately 63.5 head tube angle and I usually run forks a bit soft.  

I’ve settled on 72-75psi for most average trail riding with 80psi for those biggest hit days.  I run low speed compression wide open (1) unless I’m doing a long technical climb and only on pavement will I run it at max (6).  High speed compression is usually 3.5-4 turns from closed, I have run it softer than that but needed more air which made everything else harsher.  Off the top (OTT) is 10 turns from closed.   Rebound is usually 22 clicks from closed, out of 30.

I’ve used the fork for mostly New England trail riding as well as a day at Mountain Creek in NJ and Thunder Mountain in MA.  For high speed bike park tech it’s not really stiff enough for someone my size, you can feel it moving around more than my old Fox 36, almost as if the bushings on the DVO are just a tiny bit looser, but not to the point of making noise or showing unusual wear when I did the lowers service.  If it wasn’t for the stiffness I would definitely buy one again.  


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DVO Onyx SC Fork
Riding Type
Enduro / All-Mountain
Freeride / Bike Park
Other: E-MTB
Wheel Size
27.5" (650b)
Standard: 180mm
Adjusted: 160mm
Adjusted: 170mm
Spring Type
  • Air, with coil negative spring
  • Damping
  • D1 Diamond shim stack controlled damping
  • External Adjustments
  • High-speed compression (30+ clicks)
  • Low-speed compression (six clicks)
  • Dynamic Rebound
  • OTT (Off The Top) initial stroke
  • Air pressure
  • Crown
  • Single
  • Front Axle
    15mm x 110mm (Boost)
    Brake Mounts
  • Direct mount 180mm
  • Steer Tube Diameter
  • Tapered, 1.125" top, 1.5" bottom
  • Steer Tube Construction
  • Alloy
  • Stanchion Diameter
  • 36mm; tapered alloy
  • Colors
  • Black (D1 or E1 versions)
  • Green (D1 only)
  • Blue (D1 only)
  • Weight
    27.5" D1/E1: 4 lb 13.6 oz (2,200 g)
    29" D1: 4 lb 11.8 oz (2,150 g)
    29" E1 (E-MTB): 4 lb 15.4 oz (2,250 g)
  • Axle to Crown (at 180mm travel): 575mm (27.5"), 592mm (29")
  • Magnesium lowers
  • Offset: 42mm (27.5"), 44mm (29")

  • E1 (E-MTB) version features 68% increased bushing overlap for structural stability and longevity
  • Price
    From : $785.00
    To: $1,074.00
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