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Tested: OneUp Components Bash Guide
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Review by Matt Swenson // Photos by Chris Wellhausen (Action) and Matt Swenson (Product)

OneUp Components produces a wide range of drivetrain products and this Bash Guide, they claim, will “eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life.” The simplistic, light and durable chainguide isn’t just for enduro racers like Richie Rude and Jared Graves, we used it for trail riding, bike park ripping and even some DH racing. After two months of testing on two different bikes, we’re ready to share our thoughts on this guide.

OneUp Bash Guide Features

  • Weight: 87g 28-30T, 102g 32-34T, 105g 36T
  • Capacity: 28-36T
  • Chainline: 5.5mm adjustment
  • Mount: ISCG05
  • Color: Black and green top guide pieces included
  • Material: 7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic
  • First guide to be both OVAL and BOOST compatible
  • MSRP: $79.00 USD

Initial Impressions

Out of the box the guide is noticeably light (102g) for the 32T bash we used. Typically, light guides can mean easy bending and with sub-par support for the back plate. This OneUp back plate however is cut from 8mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum so it felt ready for potential big hits at the bike park. Having three bash plate options and two top guides makes this guide versatile enough for almost any 1X drivetrain. Installation was a breeze once we had our 32T bash guard piece on the back plate. With the cranks still on and the top guide off, we secured the back plate to the ISCG05 mounts with 3 stainless bolts at 5Nm. We then determined proper chainline spacing with the top guide, secured it at 3Nm and we were ready to ride.

On The Trail

We chose to test this guide with a SRAM XX1 drivetrain as well as a hybrid Race Face / SRAM 1x11 drivetrain. In both applications, the guide was completely unnoticeable. Since the top guide is adjustable, we were able to set it up so there was absolutely no rubbing or noise in both the largest and smallest gears of our cassette. We have tested bash guides with a lower roller and it's nice not to have the extra drag on this guide since a lower roller isn't required.

We experienced zero chain drops in any riding conditions after two months of testing on our Norco with SRAM XX1. We spent time riding hundreds of miles of trail in Moab and Colorado including the Whole Enchilada, Captain Ahab and other challenging Colorado terrain. We also spent over 25 days at the Trestle Bike Park riding everything from jump lines to techy, rocky DH trails. The bash guard has taken several big impacts on large rocks and has only small dings in the nylon.

Things That Could Be Improved

Near the end of our session we were curious to see how much the guide could really handle, so we set it up on the Yeti SB5.5c (Race Face / SRAM drivetrain) of pro rider, Dillon Lemarr. He raced all weekend at the Colorado Freeride Festival with the guide. Dillon was able to get the chain to come off during a Super D practice run in some very rocky and normally unridden terrain. We decided to drop the top guide down for his race runs since he didn’t need the big climbing gears. This seemed to eliminate any further dropping issues throughout the weekend, however, it did bind up a couple times in the gnarliest section of the bike park. Despite these minor issues, Dillon still swept the Pro Men’s class in Air DH, Super D and DH all on the same bike with the OneUp guide.

Long Term Durability

The guide has been through the worst conditions and some abnormal racing abuse and it is still in great shape. We haven’t had to tighten anything since its original installation which is fairly uncommon and impressive. The bash has held up nicely and there aren’t any large chunks missing. The top guide has seen some wear from chain slap, but nothing that concerns us. 

What’s The Bottom Line?

We’d say this guide should be at the top of your purchase list considering the great performance and low cost of $79 (which includes extra parts). The minimal weight is well worth the peace of mind that having a chain guide creates. And having the bash protection keeps the chain protected from large impacts. 

Although Dillon was able to drop the chain in very extreme racing conditions, we still give this guide 4.5-stars for its optimal performance and durability. OneUp claimed the guide would “Eliminate dropped chains forever” so if it would have, we would have awarded the full 5-stars.

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About The Reviewer

I’m a ColoRADo native who’s been shredding bikes since the age of 2 and my life revolves around 2 wheels. I currently work at Winter Park Resort running both Gravity and XC race series as well as a new JR Development Race Program at Trestle Bike Park. My past employment includes working in the medical field and building/judging slopestyle events such as GoPro(Teva) Games, Colorado Freeride Festival, Crankworx and others. I grew up working in bike shops as a mechanic so I’ve always been a nerd when it comes to bike components and tech.

I’m a former DH and Motocross racer who grew up riding BMX and pioneering sketchy wood features as a child. These days I enjoy the bike park, trail riding, skate park and dirt jump sessions with my wife and puppy. Come say hi if you're ever at Trestle and we can shred a lap!

"Hold the throttle wide open ‘till you see God...then brake."


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OneUp Components Bash Guide - ISCG05 - V2
Riding Type
Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Enduro / All-Mountain
Freeride / Bike Park
7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic
Tooth Range
Mounting Type
Bash Protection
0 lb 3.1 oz (87 g)
  • Install without removing your crank
  • Single tool install and adjustment
  • Boost compatible
  • Oval Compatible
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Includes 2 top guide pieces 1xBlack 1xGreen
  • Includes 3 bash plates (28-30 tooth, 32-34 tooth, 36 tooth)
  • Patent Pending adjustment system

  • Not compatible with current Trek alloy Slash & Fuel EX (gen 6) carbon & alloy frames.
  • Not compatible with Ibis Ripmo & Ripmo AF frames.
  • Price
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    Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
    International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.
    Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
    International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.

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