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7iDP Transition SS Base Suit (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good) Vital Rating: (Outstanding)
 7iDP Transition SS Base Suit  7iDP Transition SS Base Suit  7iDP Transition SS Base Suit  7iDP Transition SS Base Suit  7iDP Transition SS Base Suit  7iDP Transition SS Base Suit
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Tested: 7iDP Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit

Rating: Vital Review

Review by Joel Harwood // Photos by AJ Barlas

7iDP's brand name represents the foundation of the company: 7 original colleagues creating intelligent design protection. 7iDP believes that protection in mountain biking had become stagnant and brand-driven, rather than driven by design and rider needs. After two-years of development, 7iDP released the Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit with input from the Rocky Mountain – Urge Rally Team, recent Rampage winner Kurt Sorge, in addition to engineers, designers, and testers. For the last few months, we made poor choices, hucked and rode with little regard for safety in the name of testing this piece of protection.


Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit Highlights

  • 4-way stretch, highly durable 90% polyester / 10% spandex mix material
  • Polyester, spandex and 4-way mesh compression fit
  • Double layer polygon foam for increased air flow and reduced weight
  • Removable rear spine protector
  • Removable modular shoulder pads
  • Chest and back customization for neck brace integration
  • Designed beyond CE EN1621 standard for maximal protection
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L and XL
  • MSRP: $169.99 USD

Initial Impressions

The Transition Suit is meant to fit as a base layer under the jersey, so it appears small at first glance. Closer inspection reveals quality stitching and breathable material wherever possible, with more durable material where necessary. While most companies have chosen to predominantly use adaptive foam as padding, 7iDP remains steadfast in their commitment to exceeding CE standards – meaning that they choose to use a combination of their patented Curv plastic and traditional foam.


Another unique feature of the Transition Suit is the modular system for the back plate and the removable padding to better accommodate popular neck braces.


On The Trail

Fit on the Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit is true to size. The top slides on without requiring zippers or buckles, yet it fits snugly. We found that the pads were placed accurately and comfortably, without restricting movement or pinching. The armor never moved while riding. In our commitment to product reviews, we even chose to tomahawk off trail on one occasion with zero issues – no damage to our body or the armor. The weave on the fabric is tight and it seems 7iDP leaned towards function and durability over ventilation. Throughout the testing process, the Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit was comfortable, moved with the body and never became a distraction due to heat or discomfort.


Things That Could Be Improved

We can always argue that breathability could be improved with a product like this. Sure, we were warmer while wearing the Transition Suit, but we had no regrets when we hit the deck. We would have liked the chest pad to extend slightly further down the chest in order to protect another rib or two. This is subjective given the variety of bodies the suit was designed to fit, but for us, a little added length would add protection and wouldn’t interfere with movement.

Long Term Durability

When we received the Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit we were immediately concerned that the suit would slowly stretch and become more likely to shift while riding. After a number of sessions, we found that it would stretch ever so slightly, but after a quick wash it returned to normal. Also, one of the 4-way stretch panels developed a very small hole somewhere along the line, likely from a crash or getting caught up on our pants. Five-minutes and a needle with thread prevented it from becoming a legitimate issue.


What’s The Bottom Line?

7iDP has definitely done their homework with the Transition Suit. The ability to customize for a neck brace and desired level of protection was great. The ability to shape-shift is unique, and we even heard that some enduro riders were using the spine protector sleeve to hold a hydration bladder. There are flimsier, lighter-weight options and more protective bulky alternatives – the balance between CE-certified protection, comfort and customization is a first, especially at a competitive cost. Some riders will argue that they’ll never wear upper body armor because it’s too hot, bulky and restrictive. We’ll just rebut that they haven’t tried the 7iDP Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit.

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About The Reviewer

Joel Harwood has been playing in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia for the last nine years. He spends his summer months coaching DH race groms in the Whistler Bike Park, and guiding XC riders all over BC. He dabbles in all types of racing, but is happiest while blasting his trail bike down trails that include rock slabs, natural doubles, and west coast tech. On the big bike he tends to look for little transitions and manuals that allow him to keep things pointed downhill, rather than swapping from line to line. Attention to detail, time in the saddle, and an aggressive riding style make Joel a rider that demands the most from his products. Joel's ramblings can also be found at

downhill under armor

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

this gear is made of quality materials. great shoulder pads. I was super impressed by the feel and look of the product. the padding is really light and fits perfectly snug. having the padding removable for washing was the best part, as i like to keep my gear smelling fresh. nothing is worse than sitting next to the guy who smells like a bum camp...

The Bad:

the chest pad was way to hot for me. the instant i put it on, i had sweat rolling down from my tits instantly. felt like i was wearing a fur from an arctic caribou across my chest. the spine was a bit better than the front, but not by a whole bunch. and this was on a 65 degree day at the local bike park. getting the shirt off after riding for 6 hours and having the thing dripping with sweat was almost impossible. i was so overheated i almost passed out trying to worm my way out of the thing. it fits tight like its suppose to and trying to remove it without just ripping it apart was a huge challenge. a buddy will be your best bet to get the thing off once its sticky and sweaty.. better be a good pal....
didnt seem to fit well with my atlas neck brace like it claimed. the brace would not sit normally like it did without wearing the shirt. price is a bit steep. but is worth is if it actually holds up for a few years.

Overall Review:

the overall product seems great in looks and quality. i really liked the feel of the material. i bought this armor after having a bad crash and nearly breaking my back. figured it was time to get some real spine protection since im getting older and i dont have mom to take care of me anymore (grown up). my one concern when buying some spine protection was having something that actually went down far enough to cover the whole spinal area. this product did the job. it might seem a bit to long for some. but it was just perfect for me. as i have used the troy lee armor that only covers about three quarters of the spine. not very good if you happen to take a hit on your lower spine that is not covered.

my big complaint was how hot the pads were to actually wear. after my first day of riding, iimmediately pulled the stitching on the cool looking chest pad and removed it completely. kind of a bummer, but it was not gonna work for me in the heat. this made a world of difference for me. as i really only wanted spine and shoulder protection anyway. the chest is a bonus. but it was soooo hot i couldnt imagine trying to actually keep that thing on there. once i removed it i felt at least 20 degrees cooler. i kinda dug the weird pebble looking pad. shame i had to throw it out. would be great if they figured out a way to have it removable like the other pads.

the other big issue was wearing it with the atlas brace. the product claims to be compatible with a neck brace, specifically with atlas. i found this not to be true. i removed all the velcro pieces. which dont make sense with lining up the brace anyway. as they were not even close to the pattern of the atlas brace position. that was pretty confusing for me. i tried so many variations to see if it would work. nothing made sense here. once i removed the front pad altogether and pulled all the velcro pieces off the spine pad it started to get closer to a fit. but i ended up actually cutting some foam off the top of the spine pad to make it actually work better. i really didnt wanna start cutting things and experimenting with destroying a $169 piece of gear. but it just wasnt gonna fit or work the way i needed as it was originally. I ended up cutting a top 3 inch section of one of the two foam pieces in the spine guard. i was worried but it worked much better. the only big issue is i use to wear my atlas brace without any straps and now i have to use the strap to keep it in place and not get pushed up into my helmet from the spine pad. i dont see how it would ever fit right with the chest piece still on and the back unaltered...

i used the shirt for a trip to park city utah this last weekend, and i literally put it to the test. i ended up clipping my bars at full pace and got tossed 40 feet down a rock gully onto my back. i was cringing in the air at the thought of landing on my not fully healed up back. good news, i didnt feel a thing on my spine.. this thing took a heavy blow and i jumped right back up once the wind came back into my lungs..

A Good Idea that Needs Some Work

The Good:

Great concept. Multi piece spine protection and chest protection. Works with Leatt and Atlas braces.

The Bad:

Sizing is way off. I normally wear a medium shirt. The SS Base Suit was way to big and bulky. I ended up selling it to a friend who is over 6 ft tall and it fits him much better.

Overall Review:

The SS Base Suit is a great idea; however, 7iDP needs to work on sizing, ventilation, and reducing the bulk of this suit.

Good fit, high quality

The Good:

Fits true to size, nice shoulder and back protection

The Bad:

hot, bulky

Overall Review:

Ordered this to try to find something for easier riding days. It fit's really well and seems really well made. However it is really hot.

It's also a lot bulkier that I thought it would be. I ended up returning it because my 661 core saver fits better under a jersey and has more protection.


Product 7iDP Transition SS Base Suit
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Other
Pad Type Soft Shell
Material Polyester/Spandex, Curv
Coverage Partial Suite
Sizes S, M, L, and XL
Color Black
Miscellaneous - Curv® flexible rear spine protector
- Low weight, high strength 1mm flexible caps and plate for contoured fit
- Features removable spine protector, foam and plastics on the back and
shoulders for easy washing
- Double layer polygon perforated custom foam to increase air flow and
reduce weight.
- A combination of Poly/Spandex and 4 way stretch mesh offers great air flow
- Designed beyond CE EN1621 standard to ensure maximum protection
- Removable Spine protector allows for easy washing
- Chest and Back impact zones feature removable sections to allow for easy
integration of Atlas and other popular brands of neck braces.
- Compression fit allows base suit to be worn under jersey.
Price $169.99
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