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Vital Review - Bigfoot Ankle Brace
A new brand to the protection game comes in strong.
Vital Review
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Ankle support has become increasingly popular amongst hard-charging riders who require additional support when sending large features with harsh impacts. In the last few years, multiple brands have emerged with ankle braces to help minimize injuries or help riders with compromised ankles keep riding. One of the newest players to the game is BigFoot Brace which just hit the scene in 2021 and is produced by riders from the UK. These braces come at a fraction of the price of competitors’ braces and feature some modern tech that will ensure protection and ease of use. We tested the braces across a variety of disciplines, from all-day pedal adventures to countless skatepark laps, to see how well they could keep our ankles intact.


  • Comfortable
  • Sufficient protection
  • All-in-one design is simple
  • Approachable price


  • Cinch strap can be in the way for some foot sizes


  • Nylon, neoprene, and polyester construction
  • Small (4.5-7.5), Med (8-11.5), Large (12+) sizes, UK
  • Speed laced design
  • Provides ankle support and impact protection
  • 8 strap maximizes support
  • Highly breathable
  • MSRP:£30 for a single brace / £54.90 for a pair

Ankle support has become a big focus for riders that are sending large features with harsh impacts and the potential of bailing. The impact is absorbed primarily through the ankles and feet when falling. The BigFoot Brace ankle brace is going to be able to provide exceptional support to the joint while also adding some protection to the ankle bone from the cranks/frame. These braces also feature an all-inclusive design with no extra parts to keep track of. As a bonus, they fit seamlessly under jeans or your favorite riding pants. In the past, we have chosen to find ankle support from big-name brands such as SpaceBrace but with so many similarities in material and design, we have found that the BigFoot brace is a solid competitor. It has a lower price point with an extremely comparable level of protection. While they are a newer company established in May of 2021, they are not afraid to show consumers that they do not need to pay a premium for protective gear.

The Lineup and Initial Impressions

The BigFoot Braces have some rad features that make them very straightforward and allow for a quick application. Coming in at only £54.90 for a set of two, they are competitively priced. With the speed, lace design, and the ability to wear each brace on either foot, getting padded up is time efficient and gets you on the bike that much faster. The Bigfoot braces are made of nylon, neoprene, and polyester compounds that allow them to be slim and comfortable in a variety of different shoes. With five velcro straps, riders can adjust the brace into a tight, supportive position to minimize ankle movement. The BigFoot Brace is also highly breathable with a vented front tongue that lets air come in and out when it is not covered by pants. The design is similar to competitors but the one standout feature is that it does not have any removable parts or inserts to try to fiddle with. While this may be a personal preference, in the past we have had competitors’ braces that had removable features always get lost or need to be replaced. The BigFoot Brace is an all-inclusive brace that features thick material that prevents stretching and wearing out.

On The Trail

These braces were tested on a variety of terrain ranging all the way from skateparks to dirt jumps as well as enduro rides and downhill laps all done on different bikes and shoved into a handful of different shoe options. We found that the braces were a solid addition to the kit as they give that extra bit of confidence when ripping any environment. The braces were noticeably helpful when riding dirt jumpers or hitting bigger features as that is when a rider’s feet feel the most impact. They are comfortable and wearable in most riding shoes, skate shoes, and even boots. The braces brought that locked-in feel to any ride we took them on.

The best way to describe the feeling while riding in the ankle braces is comparing it to wearing a dirtbike boot while still giving riders solid pedal feel. They make the ride much more pleasant for anyone who has hurt their ankles in the past or just wants the support. We found the braces to become essential in the pads department after a few rides as they give the extra confidence to hit the jump or go faster than normal.

We found the braces to be inconspicuous on sustained climbs. Even on the long pedals the brace never got in the way or hindered our efficiency. While they don’t necessarily benefit the climb, you won’t be regretting wearing the braces on an all-day adventure, particularly when it's time to hid the descent.

Things That Could Be Improved

If there was something to be improved on the ankle braces, it would have to be the lower quick strap lace placement. The only way we have found effective to tighten the lower quick lace strap is to place it right in the crease of the ankle support strap. This causes a bit of a bunch up in the brace right on the side/back of the brace. While it does not mess with the supportiveness of the strap, depending on the shoe, there is a bulge in the brace. The alternative is to put the bottom quick lace under the foot which gets in the way of the pedal feeling through the shoes. This may be different with other foot/brace sizes but it did become apparent in our medium braces with a 10.5 shoe size.

Long Term Durability

The braces for the time that we had them gave us no reason to believe durability would be a concern for this product. Even with heavy riding, they should last a good couple of years. This goes to say that it is still important to properly take care of the product. BigFoot Brace recommends hand washing in soapy water and set them out to air dry. This will ensure that the braces are not stretched out or damaged in the washer and dryer. Along with the quality of the material, the stitches feel super solid and there were no weird noises or problems when cranking them down tight. On some competitors’ braces, we have found that they begin to fray from the velcro and the laces start to stretch after a few months of use while the BigFoot Brace held solid through testing.

What's The Bottom Line?

The new BigFoot Braces is a super helpful addition to the gear kit if your ankles are something that you feel the need to protect. Whether a rider wants support from past injuries or just wants some extra peace of mind when going on big trails, the braces will not hinder the riding experience whatsoever. With such a comfortable design you won’t even notice the braces are on until they are needed, at which point you can walk away from ejecting off the rig thanks to that extra protection. Being that they come in at a lower price point than the competitor’s pricing, it would be a no-brainer for you to pick up a set for your next ride.

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About The Reviewer

Logan Brown - Age: 21 // Years Riding MTB: 2 // Height: 5’11” (1.8m) // Weight: 155-pounds (70.3kg)
With experience in all things two wheels, Logan tends to enjoy big jumps and fast tracks. Jumping off roofs and long pedals also tend to find their way into the session. Originally from Southern California, he now resides in Boise, ID, and can be found at the local bike parks or concrete parks.


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Bigfoot Ankle Brace
Riding Type
Cross Country
Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Enduro / All-Mountain
Freeride / Bike Park
Pad Type
Soft Shell
Nylon 50%, Neoprene 30%, Polyester 15%, Other 5%
Other: Ankle
Small (UK 4.5 - 7.5), Medium (UK 8 - 11.5), Large (UK 12+)
Speed laced design
Suitable for trainer use
8 strap maximizes support
Wear on either foot
Lightweight and built for comfort
Highly breathable
£30 for a single brace / £54.90 for a pair
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Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.
Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.
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