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Redline was kind enough to send over a Device D26 dirt jump/street hardtail frame for some summertime testing. I've had a good time riding this bike on dirt, at a couple different skateparks and through the local industrial centers on Sunday evenings to see just how it rolls. Watch the video for the specs and features, then read on for more details and my impressions.

PhotoThe bike as tested. The Redline Device D26 comes as a frame set only at $449. Redline sent over a build kit with some house-brand parts (like cranks, saddle/post, hubs etc), but this review is about the frame.

The Overview
At 5.5lbs, the Device D26 is on par, and even lighter, than other dirt jump frames in the same price range. It comes in matte black with subtle graphics and spots of red. The presentation of the frame is perfect for those who don't need a flashy, eye-bleeding color and the finish characteristics of the bike are high quality. Part fitment was never an issue and the welds looked generally nice. Little accents like the ribbed head tube ends, clean cable mounts and tucked-away graphical elements indicate Redline treats this as more than just a mass-produced dirt jump hardtail that might be an after thought at a company with a different focus or heritage.
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Make it rain, son! Device D26 Video Specs...

PhotoClean, neutral colors...a nice departure from what's out there today. That duct tape is the remote camera trigger for the action shots below, FYI.

The Measurements and the Ride
The frame comes in one size only with a 22.5-inch top tube. Coming from a Superco Charger, this bike felt long for me initially and is a bike I'd consider on the long side for most of my riding needs and my stature (I'm 5'9"...5'10" on a good day). At the jumps and on pumptracks, I really liked the frame. At the skatepark, it felt a little big.
   The Device D26 comes from a company with an renowned BMX racing and dirt history, so a frame layout based on speed and stability only makes sense from Redline. The head angle, at 69.5-degrees, is balanced out by the longer chassis. Not everyone needs a pocket-sized MTB frame for tailwhips and tech skatepark riding and this bike is not going to fill that need.
   The Redline felt more at home on the dirt jumps and pumptracks than it did at the skatepark. For a bigger rider with some power, this frame will be great at the skatepark, but for some, it may be a bit too stretched out. If you like to throw the bars or cross things up at the trails, even with the 69.5 degree head angle, 175mm cranks and a 2.3-inch front tire, the front wheel would still clear for barspins and x-ups on the set up I was running.

Geometry Chart
Top Tube: 22.5-inches
Head Angle: 69.5-degrees
Seat Angle: 72.5-degrees
Chain Stay: 15.75-inches
Seat Tube: 12.4-inches
Head Tube: 4.6-inches
Weight: 5.5lbs

PhotoModern standard, integrated 1 1/8-inch head tube. "Campy" style headsets are inexpensive, easy to come by, durable. Now-a-days, thanks to BMX, they also come in a billion different colors, should you want to customize the colors of your build.

The Verdict
I'm going to label the Redline Device D26 frame as a "mountain biker's" hardtail. What do I mean by that? I mean that for someone who rides DH, bike parks and/or prefers aggressive trail bikes, this hardtail will be a great fit to your quiver, thanks to confident, stable geometry, an affordable price range and a quality finished product.
   The look of the frame doesn't scream, "hey, check out my tight pants as I tuck no-hander this set of stairs to flat," but the frame designer's attention to modern details like the integrated head tube, mid BB and fairly short minimum chainstay length, means the Device D26 has been thought-out and is relevant in the modern MTB world.
   If you're looking for a pure street/park machine, this frame may be a little much, but for taller riders or those riders looking to step into the dirt jump/pumptrack world, this Redline deserves a serious look.
   If you're an experience hardtail rider looking for a new frame that will handle your already-developed skill set at the trails, take a trip back to when you were a grom, lusting after the coolest Redline BMX bikes. Just because you got old and crusty, doesn't mean the Redline Device D26 did too. She's definitely worth checking out, so get on it.

Thanks to Redline for sending over this fun, capable frame and parts for the summer. It was a pleasure to ride. Visit for info on dealers, specs and other Redline parts on this bike.
PhotoThe Device D26 frame uses a 74mm wide Mid Bottom bracket and can accomodate 2.3-inch tires. The Mid BB is the best choice for a singlespeed dirt jumper set up. They're also inexpensive and easy to get at any reputable shop and they allow you to use your favorite set of BMX cranks. Here you can see the clearance with 2.3-inch Kenda K-Rads. I'm not slammed short in the dropouts, but there's enough room to run these tires slammed at the 15.75-inch setting.

PhotoMinimum chainstay length is a respectable 15.75-inches. It's not the shortest available on the market, but it is in range. For those riding a lot of dirt and higher-speed lines, having a little extra length back there will keep things stable. Dropouts are horizontal allowing about an inch of adjustability to tension your chain and dial in your stay and wheelbase lengths.

PhotoThis is a pic of the front wheel x'd up, showing clearance. Running 175mm cranks, there is still room for X-ups and barspins w/o any contact to the pedal. Most of you building a bike from the frame up would probably opt for 170mm cranks, especially if you're planning on throwing the bars, so clearance problems are non-existent for you.

PhotoSelf-portrait thread-the-needle numero uno. A hidden face is no disgrace. I counted my files and I took 87 photos during the action session which lasted about 2 hours. Only about 10 of those were set up shots...77 hops through this freaking tree to get timing and my lame style good enough for a couple worthy shots. The next day I could hardly move my arms, as I haven't done 77 bunnyhops in the span of two hours ever, LOL.

PhotoSelf-portrait thread-the-needle numero dos. Fat men can's all in the angles.


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