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We had our first glimpse of the new Canfield Balance at the end of 2013, and the bike finally starts shipping today. Based around a suspension platform similar to that of the Canfield One, the new bike is aimed squarely at the ever-growing 6" travel, all-around capable bike segment. The bros put a lot of effort into the pedalling efficiency side of the equation on the Balance, while retaining aggressive angles and bump-eating DH prowess, which should make this a very capable bike both on the ups and the downs.

The proof will be in riding the bike, but here to give us a glimpse of how the new Balance performs on the trail is Trevor Parson:

2015 Canfield Balance

The original Balance, released in 2006, was known as one of the first true mini DH bikes. While our 2nd generation Balance is aimed more for all mountain use, it still retains our original Balance's aggressive heritage. The goal with the new version was to produce one of the most efficient pedaling bikes in its class, while giving it the classic Canfield Brothers bump-eating DH performance. Designed around 27.5” wheels, the geo was configured in such a way as to allow you to also run 26".

After 10 years of development, we are proud to announce that the 2015 Canfield Brothers Balance is in stock and shipping now.

2015 Canfield Balance Features

  • Patent pending Canfield Balance Formula Suspension
  • 160mm travel
  • 27.5” and 26” compatible
  • 66° head angle, (27.5” with a 160mm Pike)
16.75” chainstay
  • Front derailleur compatible
142x12mm rear spacing
  • Rock Shock Maxle included
Colors: anodized black or brushed with six different link color options
Frame weight: 7.5lbs without shock

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • Price: $2100 US, (frame and Cane Creek DB Air CS)
  • Frame and fork/wheel/crank and pedal packages available

Frame Details

Constructed from 6061 aluminum, the Balance features a tapered headtube, 73mm bottom bracket shell, ISCG tabs, 142 x 12mm rear dropouts and stealth dropper post routing. Oversized 15mm pivots and Enduro Max bearings are incorporated for low maintenance, even in the wettest of environments. Stout tubing was used to to ensure the frame is strong, stiff and ready for hard charging.

The Balance is available in anodized black or brushed finishes, with six different colors for the linkage.

Suspension Design

Over the last 15 years we have been refining parallel link suspension design. In 2006 we had an incredible feeling 6” bike, the original Balance, but the subtleties of perfect pedaling were not quite dialed. In 2008 we introduced the next evolution, The One, with its “magical” pedaling feel. Combined with 8" of travel, it was a bump-swallowing machine that pedaled as well as bikes with half its travel.

Seven years and one patent pending later, our goal with the Balance was to create a super efficient 160mm platform that pedals incredibly well and offers massive bump-eating performance. Utilizing a vertical wheel path, the Balance has a consistent feel, no matter where you are in the travel. A smooth and even progression ratio provides a supple feel off the top, mid stroke support and ramp up at the end to prevent harsh bottom-outs. To enhance the pedaling characteristics of the Balance, we tightened the moving virtual pivots around the chainring to neutralize the forces from the suspension, allowing for maximum power transfer to the drivetrain. Lastly, the instant center moves down through travel eliminating pedal kick, a trait that is prevalent in many bikes of this genre.

To bring you a bit more information on the suspension design and the new bike in general, listen in as we chat to Chris Canfield about the choices they made during the design process:

Chris Canfield on the new Canfield Brothers Balance.


Pricing and Additional Details

2015 Canfield Brothers Balance Frame + Shock (Cane Creek DBair CS): $2100 USD

Visit for more details.

Special thanks to ReilShift Media for the helping us on this project – Reilly Kintzele, Dakota Huntley and most of all, Trevor Parsons for throwing down on our Balance!


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