Trans Provence Prologue Slideshow - The Pleasure Before the Pain

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<b>Wise words. Ash Smith, Trans Provence founder and race director welcomes you to the 2014 event!</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Total Liaison Domination from Dark Cloud Crew member Mary-Anne Hunter. This is literally the first 20m of the prologue descent. And we're here all week!</b> -Gary Perkin
<b>TP isn't all about the timed race stages. The whole ride is an adventure and the transitions themselves are fantastic riding.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>A South African going Scandi. Oli Munnik is back with a vengeance after last year's early exit</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>TP itself is quite the journey, however, using public transport in the UK to get there can prove equally as challenging. @steelcitymedia tweets.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Yorkshire Tea to supply the hordes of Yorkshiremen at this year's Trans Provence. 15 of 'em at a guess! #godsowncountry</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>There are row upon row of tents, all of which survived the tremendous thunderstorm in the night. These will be home for the next 6 days as well.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>The mountain staff here have one of the best jobs out there.... It's hard work though!</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Shuttle time, from the moment you land in Nice, France, Ash and his crew take full care of you until the final day.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>This little chip records a competitor's times and is the key to the running of the event.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Gary #2 from South Africa. Mr. Barnard has been multiple-time National DHl champ.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Macky Franklin from 'Murica</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>The full Nomads are in attendence this wekend, Dylan Wolski takes care to color match glasses, gloves, shoes and rims.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>How cunning do you have to be during the Trans-Provence? As cunning as a fox who just graduated with an A+ in Cunning perhaps? Or maybe this is just a crack fox who is going to hurt you real bad?</b> -Gary Perkin
<b>Racing and not technically media, Sven has a 50/50 event completion rate at Trans Provence. How do you bet he fairs this week?</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>#Doyouevenprologuebro? Fresh from final year exams, Iago Garay, gets straight back into racing, winning the unofficial prologue of the 2014 Trans-Provence.</b> -Gary Perkin
<b>Talk about full factory, Duncan Philpott is on Josh Bryceland's Santa Cruz Nomad 'cuz we all know Josh ain't gonna need it for a while. When Duncdawg had tire troubles, Jason Marsh hot-footed it over from Morzine to assist.</b> -Gary Perkin
<b>While everybody eats, their bikes wait patiently for 40kms of sweet singletrack tomorrow.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Although from the outside this may look reminiscent of school dinners, what's actually being served up is far from it!</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>3 course meals and fine dining, nothing is left over with the amount of riding being done!</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>21:45 and the pre-race briefing is in full swing. Ash runs everyone by the do's and dont's.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>Red skies at night, enduro racer's delight.</b> -Duncan Philpott
<b>After a full day, the shuttle approaches the mountains where we'll be spending the next 6 days, slowly working our way back to the French coast. Stay tuned for the adventure!</b> -Duncan Philpott
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The Trans Provence has kicked off for its 6th year. Consider it an epic bike ride that is technically a race, too. There are a handful of high profile riders in attendance, but the limited field of 80 participants are there for the adventure which is 6 days of traversing the mountains of Southern France through the Provence region. Ancient trails, miles of singletrack descents, #tentlife and a top-notch support crew make the Trans Provence a bucket list contender. Duncan Philpott and Gary Perkin bring you along for the ride this year.

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