The new Scott Prospect goggles are a seriously nice piece of work. Though they were mainly driven by the needs of Scott's Pro motocross athletes, the list of highlights is very impressive and should crossover well to mountain bikes.

We're particularly fond of the huge field of vision provided by the large lens with minimal protrusion of the frame. Pivotting outriggers are also a very nice touch, ensuring they fit nicely inside just about every helmet.

If the weather turns sour and things get muddy, it's possible to quickly click on Scott's canister roll-off system, which delivers an impressive 50mm tall strip of clean film by simply pulling a cord.

Don't think you'll get roosted? The nose guard is removable for an even cleaner look.

Also new is a Lens Lock System designed to ensure the lens stays in place for added protection should something hit you square in the face.

Brandon Turman
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