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Known internally as the "eternal crank project", Hope has been working on this one for some time. At this point, they have finally settled on a removable spider design with an internal spline system that promises to bring something new to the table. The bashguard, available now, is a clever two-piece design that provides protection only where it's needed, helping keep the weight down. The chainguide is available both for use with a bashguard and without.

The new crank will of course be machined entirely in-house. The 3-piece design allows for multiple configurations and upgrade possibilities - at present, both 2X and 1X options will be available, with a spiderless version as well. There is no set date for availability at this point, but the project is entering its final phase.

In addition to their traditional CNCed products, Hope are diving into carbon. A seatpost project is currently allowing them to get their hands dirty and learn the necessary skills, but the first really significant carbon fiber product will be a handlebar. The carbon work is being done in-house by Hope in the UK.

A significant part of the investment when ramping up to product carbon parts is in the tooling for the moulds. Since moulds are generally CNCed, Hope have access to internal expertise and resources that actually provide them a head start when it comes to carbon projects. Expect to see move and more in this domain from the guys and girls in Barnoldswick.

Hope's famous seat collars see the addition of a neat solution for non-stealth dropper post cable managment, sure to be a popular aftermarket item.

Hope's T-Rex 42T cog makes for a good combo with their narrow/wide chainring, for an affordable 1x10 wide-range alternative.

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Johan Hjord


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