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Hope Launches Carbon Crank, New Stem and Unlimited Bronze Colorway 1

Plenty of fresh goods from Barnoldswick.

First up, let us introduce the long-awaited carbon version of our tried-and-tested EVO cranks. The Carbon Crank has been designed to maximise the advantages of carbon fibre, through a unique construction method whilst using very small aluminium inserts to keep weight down. This, coupled with an optimised lay-up, ensures a good balance between ride feel, stiffness, and isolation from trail chatter.

Carbon Crank 3

Longevity and serviceability are considered in everything we do, and the Carbon Crank is no exception. With a 1K outer fabric used for enhanced abrasion resistance, the crank also features replaceable pedal threads, and like the Evo cranks, its axles and chainrings are interchangeable, making it compatible with most drivetrains and frames. Covering you for the future. Much like our HB916, Carbon Bars & Seatpost, the crank was designed, tested and manufactured in our Barnoldswick factory, showcasing our commitment to maintain the highest standards of Carbon fibre production in the UK.

Carbon Crank Manufacturing 4
Carbon Crank Manufacturing 13.jpg?VersionId=r8HFbOxjJo3jExhT1QX2jm

Carbon Crank Key Features

  • Tuned stiffness characteristics for optimum ride feel
  • 1K outer fabric has greater abrasion resistance and gives the unique ‘Hope’ carbon aesthetic
  • Pedal thread can be replaced if threads become damaged
  • Foam core helps to absorb impacts and dampen vibrations
  • T700 fibres for optimum strength to weight
  • Unique carbon construction method
  • Ride feel optimized lay-up and construction
  • Proven self-extracting axle/arm interface from our EVO cranks
  • 155, 165 & 170mm length
  • 30mm oversize 7075 aluminium alloy axle
  • 7075 aluminium inserts
  • Hardware available in black, blue, red, silver, purple and orange
  • Axle lengths to suit 52mm(boost) and 55mm chainlines, interchangeable for different bikes
  • Different q-factor and chainline combinations are possible by interchanging axle length and chainring offset to help with frame/drivetrain compatibility
  • Weight from: 156mm 422g w/o chainring, 487g with 32t chainring
  • Direct mount chainring only, Spiderless Retainer chainrings 28T to 36T
  • Q‐Factor 168mm Boost/176mm 55mm
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Barnoldswick, UK
  • Recommended use: Trail/All mountain
  • MSRP: £550.00 / € 690.00/ $695.00
  • Available at any Hope Dealer from April 15th

All-New TR Stem

Designed to supersede the AM stem, the all-new TR stem matches the aesthetic of the Gravity stem but is tailored for downcountry/trail and all mountain use. This new stem is lighter and stiffer compared to the outgoing model, boasting a design that complements the other stems in our range.
A notable feature of the TR stem is the introduction of a 40mm length to help achieve the perfect setup.

TR Bronze on bars 3.jpg?VersionId=ChOfmZZ7wdvyScNo0za8J InbKh8

TR Stem Key Features

  • Opposing steerer clamp bolts to give exceptionally rigid steering characteristics
  • 2 piece front plate design with a simple “no gap” clamping system
  • Optimum machining to give lightest weight without compromising stiffness
  • 32, 40 and 50mm lengths in Ø31.8 clamp diameters
  • 35, 40 and 50mm lengths in Ø35 clamp diameters
  • CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aluminium
  • Zero rise
  • 56mm clamping width
  • Stainless steel taper head screws supplied
  • To suit Ø31.8mm and Ø35mm bars
  • Available in: black, silver, red, blue, purple, orange and new bronze
  • Weights 32mm reach, Ø31.8mm – 123g // 40mm reach, Ø31.8mm – 131g // 50mm reach, Ø31.8mm – 150g // 35mm reach, Ø35mm - 121g
  • MSRP: £105.00 / €135.00 / $135.00
  • Available at any Hope Dealer from March 1st

Updated PF41 BB

At Hope we believe 30mm crank axles are the way forward. One of the limited downsides is when fitting into a Ø41mm bottom bracket shell that is designed for a 24mm axle. Previously, our solution involved two bearings pressed directly into the shell. While capable of handling the loads, the absence of internal and external sealing tended to reduce their lifespan more than we desired. We now have a new solution. A custom designed, and Swiss manufactured bearing that allows us to offer a full bottom bracket assembly with fully sealed internal centre tube and external bearing shields.
These bearings are also more tolerant to misalignment to account for manufacturing tolerances in the frame BB shell. All this creates a more durable and longer lasting bottom bracket. Long live 30mm crank axles!

PF41 4

Key Features

  • Press Fit bottom bracket for 41mm diameter bottom bracket shells and 30mm cranks
  • High quality, custom designed, Swiss made stainless bearings
  • Fully sealed internal spacer tube
  • External bearing shields
  • 86.5/89.5/92/104.5/107/121mm shell width fitment options
  • Includes convertors to suit 29mm crank axles
  • MSRP: £90.00 / €113.00 / $114.00
  • Available at any Hope Dealer from March 1st

All Bronze, All the Time!

And to conclude, bronze has now been added to our standard range of colors, available as of March 1!

Bronze Square

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