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UpDown Funn Dropper Post in 175mm Travel 4

175mm Travel UpDown Funn dropper post now available. 200 and 225mm version under development.

Building on the success of the Funn UpDown Stealth dropper posts in 125mm and 150mm of travel, Funn introduces a 175mm-travel version. The 175 UpDown features the same technology of the 125mm and 150mm versions, including the ‘self-bleed, self-reset’ proprietary RCR Cartridge, and of course, the robust multi-directional remote lever.

Fun UpDown 175mm Dropper Specs

  • Material: AL7050 inner and outer tubes
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Self-bleed, self-reset proprietary RCR cartridge

  • Post Diameter: 30.9mm & 31.6mm
  • Travel: 175mm
  • Robust, multi-directional lever

  • Price: TBD
  • Launch Date: Spring 2019

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but will not be too far from the price of the existing 150mm UpDown. The 175mm Update Dropper will be available Spring 2019.

Additionally, Funn is developing the even longer 200mm and 225mm travel versions which will be on display during this week’s Taipei International Cycleshow in Taipei, Taiwan.



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