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Turnon Components Introduces the Bunker Dropper Post 6

An all-new dropper post that features a double air chamber system.

Introducing Turnon Components, an all-new dropper post company that has launched its inaugural Bunker dropper post. After months of development and with almost a decade of experience in manufacturing dropper posts, the Bunker features a double air chamber design and high-performance wiper seals to create a water and dustproof system. 

Bunker waterproof video

Bunker Dropper Highlights:

  • Double air chamber system (patent pending)
  • Travel (mm): 126 / 160 / 190
  • Diameter: ø30.9 / ø31.6  (ø30.9 will available on June)
  • Routing: Internal only
  • Two year warranty
  • MSRP: $269 USD (Post only)
  • Bunker 1-by remote: $55 USD

Most of dropper posts Issues

Double Air Chamber System (Patent Pending)

  • Lost grease (every dropdown squeeze out)
  • The sand invades and scratch parts
  • Foam blockage by mud or dust
  • Water invade (get rust fast and the low temperature became to ice)
  • Air mixes issue
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Support the weight by high air compressed with no air mixing issues 
  • Chamber one, PSI: 300~350 
  • Chamber two's pressure comes from the compressed volume
  • Tougher wiper used to increase performance

Compare with blowhole design

Bunker 1-by front
Bunker 1-by back

Bunker 1by-remote video

Bunker Remote 

Featuring a three axis adjustment, the Bunker Remote uses IGUS bushing, which is waterproof and much lighter overall. Also utilizes a small crank with less strength that allows for a light action and a longer lever. For other dropper post brands please confirm that the wire pull distance does not exceed 6mm.

Bunker Specs

Dropper Posts Compare

For more information about the Bunker dropper post, please visit  Turnon Components


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