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Nukeproof Ridewear to Sponsor Team Chain Reaction Cycles 3

Sam Hill and co will now be running Nukeproof kit in addition to their bikes.

Team Chain Reaction Cycles has been a bedrock of Nukeproof’s success over the past decade. Initially Nukeproof supported the team with limited components in 2009, prior to starting the development of the Mega and Scalp frames with Nigel Page and the team in 2011. As the team has evolved, so has the frame line up to suit the teams race schedule and riding requirements. From the original Scalp downhill frame and Mega to the Snap 4x frames, Rook Slopestyle bike and the recent acceleration of development of the Mega to meet the demands of the Enduro World Series.

In 2020 we are proud to extend our support for Team Chain Reaction Cycles with the additional sponsorship of Nukeproof Ridewear. Still in its relative youth, the Ridewear range is up there with the best on offer in the ride apparel market. Sam Hill is one of the all time great mountain bike legends and an athlete that has influenced the way our sport looks today. 

Elliott and Kelan are some of the most promising and stylish athletes in Enduro (Well, Elliott races everything!). But the opportunity is much more than just sponsorship, it’s a way to work closely with the experience of Sam, Elliott, Kelan and Nigel to use their expertise to develop our line-up for you, our customer riders.

“Team Chain Reaction Cycles are really pleased to announce we will ride and race in Nukeproof riding apparel for 2020. As with Nukeproof bikes, we can work closely with in-house designers to get the best possible riding clothing we need for racing the highly demanding Enduro World Series, looking the part at the Crankworx World Series events and having clothing we can go riding in all seasons and also stop off for a beer after, without looking like we are about to get on the gate for a Moto ;-) The 2020 Nukeproof clothing line looks awesome and we can't wait to get involved in 2020 representing!” - Nigel Page, Team Chain Reaction Cycles Manager

For 2020 the team will be supported with our full line up (with the exception of our new 2020 glove range) to take on the rigors and demands of the Enduro World Series, Crankworx World Tour and just general riding.

Pictures show the team using Blackline Trail Pants and Jersey, Outland Anorak, Blackline Softshell and Nirvana Jacket.


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