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Minneapolis, Minn. (June 8, 2021) — WT-1 Chain Lube is a premium synthetic lubricant and drivetrain treatment for all conditions. It cleans and protects chains while improving overall mechanical efficiency of a drivetrain. This allows cyclists to have just WT-1 Chain Lube on hand, instead of separate dry chain lube, wet chain lube, chain cleaner and drivetrain treatment.

“Wolf Tooth has over 300 chainrings with three tooth profiles. Our engineers are experts in chainrings, chain wear, and drivetrain efficiency,”said Wolf Tooth Co-founder Brendan Moore. “As chains and drivetrains get more complex, it is vital for chain lubricants to meet these new, specific needs. We’ve found WT-1 Chain Lube to be an optimal choice for modern drivetrains.”


During extensive product testing, WT-1 Chain Lube has been found to last 3-5 times longer than most other chain lubes due to its development for all conditions. The secret to this longevity is due to the amount of lubricant present in each bottle. WT-1 Chain Lube is 95% lubricant and 5% carrier fluid. Most other chain lubes are roughly 20-50% lubricant. This composition allows WT-1 Chain Lube to bind to the metal of a chain and serve as a protective barrier between the chain and drivetrain components while lubricating the entire system. 

“This chain lube was developed for use in all conditions, as it brings together the best features of dry lube and wet lube,” said Moore. “Like dry lubes, WT-1 Chain Lube has a low viscosity that allows for better efficiency and attracts less dirt and other contaminants. And like wet lubes, WT-1 Chain Lube has a high ratio of lubricant per fluid ounce that allows cyclists to go longer between applications. No matter the conditions, WT-1Chain Lube makes for an efficient, clean, and quiet drivetrain.” 

WT-1 Chain Lube is also a drivetrain treatment and cleaner. A detergent-like additive is present in WT-1 that cleans a chain by bringing dirt and debris to the surface where it can be easily wiped away. It works by penetrating every tiny gap and crevice between plates, pins, and rollers to attack contaminants and make it easy to clean the chain. Where wax-based lubricants can actually trap in dirt and debris that can increase wear of the chain, WT-1 Chain Lube removes these contaminants from the chain and repels them during rides. 


Ease of use is also important in selecting a chain lubricant and chain treatment. The complete application process of WT-1 Chain Lube takes less than a minute to properly apply and there is no need to clean the chain before getting started. WT-1 Chain Lube is sold as individual 2.0 fl oz and 0.5 fl oz bottles. It is available today on and at bike shops where Wolf Tooth is sold.

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