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Ibis Launches the New Ripley 4

Slacker, longer, and rowdier - Ibis just made their short travel ripper a lot more rippy.

The new Ripley is here! And it's still the same snappy, flickable, playful, fast, lightweight and versatile 29" trail bike it's always been, except better. Taking everything we've learned from the Ripmo, we updated the Ripley with cutting-edge geometry and a stiff, light carbon fiber chassis.



The new Ripley retains the 130mm of front travel and 120mm of ultra efficient dw-link rear travel as the original, but has been given a fresh dose of the longer, slacker and steeper treatment.

This Mini'Mo has been slackened out by one degree, to 66.5º. The seat tube has moved forward by three degrees, to 76º, which has pushed the reach out by ~45mm across all four sizes (S, M, L, & XL). We've also lopped 12mm from the chainstays, bringing them to a manual-happy 432mm. To go with its shreddy new style, the Ripley also receives more progressive suspension kinematics.



One of the other features we're proud of is the low frame weight. We shaved half a pound by switching to the Ripmo lower link. The result is a frame weight of just five pounds without shock, but with the same stiffness as the Ripmo. And, like all our frames and wheels, it's backed by our seven year warranty.

In the process of developing the new Ripley, we shed the double eccentric design. While that design was revolutionary, it took up substantial room in the seat tube. And after giving many riders (M-XL) their first taste of 170mm + droppers on the Ripmo, we knew we couldn’t go back to a shorter dropper.

Because the new Ripley can accommodate a long dropper and has ultra low standover, you can size your frame based on reach. We still use the standard “small, medium, large…” naming structure because it’s easy to understand, but the size of your seat tube is no longer a limiting factor.

Moving from the double eccentric to a Ripmo style chassis also came with significant weight savings. One big factor is our unique combination of bearings and bushings. Bearings don’t last long in areas with high loads and minimal rotation, like our lower link or clevis. We’ve used hermetically sealed IGUS bushings in these locations, which extends our maintenance intervals, increases stiffness, and helps ensure we have some of the lightest frames on the market. The Ripmo has been trouble free, so the Ripley will share the lifetime warranty we offer on our suspension bushings.

If you love the Ripmo but want something lighter, faster and more nimble than an Enduro World Series capable mountain bike, the Ripley is it. With its combination of modern geometry, progressive suspension, light weight, and 2.6” tire clearance, the Ripley is our ultimate trail bike.

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