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First Wireless Dropper Post Developed by TranzX 10

Taichung, December 6, 2013 - TranzX, a world-leader in high quality bicycle components and electronic e-bike drive systems, introduces the latest offering for the rapidly advancing mountain bike and biking comfort sectors: three adjustable dropper post variations for the bicycle industry.

First Wireless Dropper Post Worldwide

Extending to augment the rider’s own pedaling efforts during climbs, the innovative, top-of-the-line TranzX Dropper Post (JD-YSP06) retracts by wireless command to optimize technical riding on the downhill – bringing technical finesse and precision comfort to an already indispensable accessory for MTB sport. In one fluid motion, riders enjoy uninterrupted momentum and flow without distraction and without dismounting – achieving maximum performance both in traction and movement: state-of-the-art bike technology at an attractive price.

Three Models: All-round Reliable Performance for Every Pocketbook

All three TranzX Dropper Posts share reliable, infinite adjustment functionality at various comfort levels. The two hydraulic models, JD-YSP02 Basic, with exterior cabling, and JD-YSP03 ICR, with interior cable routing, offer infinite hydraulic seat adjustment via handlebar lever control. The top-of-the-line, 2.4 GHz wireless version JD-YSP06 operates via micro motor – smooth and cable-free with convenient handlebar control. The elegant seat post head designs of all three models facilitate secure and easy saddle mounting.

JD-YSP02 - Basic Version
Travel:80 mm (length 350 mm) and 100 mm (length 400 mm)
Adjustment technology:Pneumatic, via remote lever on handlebar
Recommended maximum load:70 kg and 90 kg – choice of 2 models

JD-YSP03 - ICR Version
ICR (Internal Cable Routing) channels all wires from the bottom bracket into the down tube and, unseen from there, to the seat post. This precludes chafing on the legs or bike frame and eliminating cable looping – maintaining the bike’s clear, uncluttered design.
Travel:80 mm (length 350 mm), 100 mm (length 400 mm) or 120 mm (length 420 mm)
Adjustment technology:Pneumatic, via remote lever on handlebar
Recommended maximum load:70 kg and 90 kg – choice of 2 models

JD-YSP06 - Wireless Control Version
The wireless 2.4 GHz version is completely cable-free. This allows effortless installation and ride without the hassle of troublesome cables - a great and innovative step in retractable seat post technology.
Travel:80 mm (length 350 mm) and 100 mm (length 400 mm)
Adjustment technology:Via wireless transmission
Recommended maximum load:70 kg and 90 kg – choice of 2 models

About TranzX

The JD Group with headquarters in Taiwan develops and manufactures environmentally friendly electric e-bike drive systems and bicycle components under the trade name TranzX. Since its founding in 1986, the company has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the biking sector, supporting the world’s ever-increasing demand for innovative and exponential mobility solutions for an increasingly demanding public.

TranzX was launched in 1992 and quickly became one of the world’s leading bicycle brands. Today, the brand stands for technological competence, reliable product quality, and innovative and sustainable development. The combination of revolutionary technology and unique product design breathes vitality into the brand’s claim, “Inspiring Your Ride”: embellishing today’s urban and suburban mobility with practical products flaunting decisive extras: mobility fun, long product life and sustainable environmental friendliness.

Today, the company employs more than 4,000 specialists in its subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and the USA, including three manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China. TranzX owns over 150 patents and more patents pending, manufacturing innovative mobility products for many of the world’s leading bicycle brands around the globe.


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