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Commencal Introduces the Full 2022 Line-Up 8

Something for everyone in the 2022 range from Commencal.

Good things always come in threes. A few hours after launching our new META SX and META POWER SX, we present the rest of our 2022 range!


Keeping things fresh is essential. These platforms are the most advanced in our history. The colours are striking but classy. Champagne, Dark Slate, Keswick Green, Ash Grey. So that your bike never goes out of style.

In terms of components, our move upmarket continues. We have chosen the most modern and efficient. As most people know, since the start of the COVID-19 crisis production times have been getting longer. The majority of brands have therefore decided to renew their bike models from previous years. We have opted for the latest innovations. New parts including suspension, wheels, brakes and drivetrains.

Lead times are getting longer, particularly because of certain components that we have to order up to 2 years in advance. Transport times are also very uncertain. Some boats wait several weeks to be unloaded at their destination port.For these reasons, as you will see, some models are online but not yet available to pre-order. Beyond a few months, it's impossible for us to say with certainty when a bike will be produced, and in turn delivered to you. Of course, it could have been more strategic not to show you these bikes. So that you stand less chance of being tempted by a bike that you can't yet order. We wanted to be transparent so that you know exactly what will happen in the coming months. And so you can make the best choice.


To continue on the theme of transparency, some bikes will be released online a little later others. Just for the time it takes us to shoot beautiful photos and videos with them. You know we care about that. We can tell you that the RMNS and CLASH KIDS will arrive during the month of October.

Meta Power TR

The META POWER TR - Simply our version of what the TRAIL should be. Go up, down, jump, play, over and over again. This is the lively and responsive POWER that we wanted, the perfect bike to have fun on the majority of trails around the globe. With less travel, it gains in precision and playfulness and is ideal for long and undulating missions!

Meta Power SX

Like the META SX, the new META POWER SX is designed for performance and commitment, no matter how difficult the trails are that you encounter. An electric-enduro made to have fun, ride fast and keep going for miles and miles (with lots of smiles)! For 2022, it looks a bit different now that it features different sized wheels, 29-inch on the front and 27.5 on the back.

Meta HT 24 Power

The META HT 24 POWER is the e-version of the META HT 24. Featuring a Shimano motor with a 500Wh battery, new horizons will open. It’s now possible to go on an adventure together, for a day, a weekend or even a proper riding holiday!

Meta TR

The META TR has been around for years. It’s always been the META AM's "little brother." The frame, modern geometry and suspension travel have been renewed for 2022, and there’s a little novelty; a kinematic adjustment allowing the bike to adapt to absolutely any terrain.

Meta SX

The META SX is the most "race" version of the META we’ve ever produced. It is designed with different sized 29/27 wheels, an all new rocker linkage, revised geometry and a crazy desire to go fast! The rear triangle has been completely revised to provide more liveliness.

Meta HT

The META HT models are the most versatile bikes in our range. They have a semi-rigid frame which allows for a better pedal experience, plus less weight and reduced maintenance because of the lack of rear suspension. Available with 29 inch wheels or 29/27, the 150mm travel fork provides comfort and/or safety depending on where you are and what you’re riding.


The CLASH continues its revolution! 27.5-inch wheels, long travel, aggressive geometry and kinematics...the CLASH is the "do everything" bike - bike parks, enduro, big jump lines or outings pedal missions...

It is exceedingly versatile!


The FRS is a sleek bike with timeless lines. It can shake up times on the clock thanks to its energy and it's guaranteed to put a smile on the face of riders who love steep freeride lines, letting loose and just having big fun.

Supreme DH

We have been involved in the world of racing for a long time. Our SUPREME DH platform continues to evolve. Its development centres around three main areas - more performance, more reliability and a global strategy to always move more up-market. Since 2019, some of our guys and girls have been riding the SUPREME DH with 29/27 wheels. The results of this formula speak for themselves.


On pump tracks that are increasingly popping up all over the place, fields of dirt jumps, on the streets or in the skate park, our ABSOLUT is the ideal bike for having fun and progressing. Paul Couderc, DJ Brandt, Tim Bringer and Kyle Strait will not argue.


Road, Urban, Gravel... Whether on tarmac or gravel, cycling is above all a state of mind. It can be functional at the expense of everything else. Or it can just be classy. Our FCB (Fast City Bike) has clearly chosen its side.

For more information and details on all the new bikes, head on over to

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