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4/19/2015 8:35 PM


This disgusted me! What are bike manufactures coming up with these days? Hope this bike won't be a model to other manufacturers. And I really hope no or else likes it, it looks nothing like a mtb. What are your thoughts? Just my thoughts

4/19/2015 11:26 PM

wow...out of the box..
performance? i don't know...


4/20/2015 4:29 AM

actually probably would be a pretty fun and poppy bike


4/20/2015 8:45 AM

Wouldn't all the linkages make it less stiff?? I'm still a noob, but I heard that it will.


4/20/2015 3:45 PM

It would most likely be stiffer


4/20/2015 3:54 PM

Looks more like a robot with two wheels than a mtb


4/20/2015 4:01 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/20/2015 4:02 PM

Some really tall/big dude, made his own mtb. They had a little write up on PB about it. It's not meant to work for you, it's not meant to work for me. We should be applauding this dude's ingenuity. Granted, the front end is atrocious, but the frame is neat looking, in a weird, alien kind of way.


4/21/2015 12:07 AM

ok, let pass the first feeling... Then comes 3 thing to my mind:

1. you build your own bike: congratulation to him, don't lie, we all dream of it....

2. saddle-cranck distance will varie, not good for handling, comfort... Bad choice.

3. why these 2 front disc brake ?! Because he could. Ok.


4/21/2015 5:15 AM

The guy could have saved a ton load of time by fitting a suspension seatpost to a hardtail.

I'm all for creative engineering, but i dislike over engineering. What does this bike do better than a regular mtb...nothing.